This Turned Out to Be a Small Tribute for a Cat and a Dog (Photos)

I’ve been wanting to write but struggling terribly with words. Things aren’t good and so I wanted to immerse myself into something else for a change. I have a pile of thumb drives with photos and videos on them. They’ve been sitting in a drawer waiting for me to go through them. These are some photos from one of them

-Ozzy was our cat who passed some months back. He loved it outdoors.

-The black dog was a dog I walked and cared for twice a week for a while. She was not very cuddly or playful, but she was sweet. She was also elderly and in a lot of joint pain too. She has since passed.

-Mushrooms…I just really love mushrooms. I’m fascinated by them.

Our beautiful front yard in Ardmore. You can see Ozzy in the distance.

Ozzy… or is that Batman? Very content,  sunning and earthing himself.

Lucy going out…

Lucy coming back in…

Three legged dog…looks like it anyway.

But you can see here that she isn’t.

This gorgeous mushroom was in Lucy’s back yard.


He Needs A Blog of His Own

These photos are from the house we used to live in from 2003 until 2016.

Thanksgiving 2005, I picked up Oz from a client’s yard. He’d been put out of the house he’d lived in. I had been at a house there in that neighborhood, to feed the cats there while the owners were away for the weekend.

As I was leaving after the first visit of the long weekend, I walked to my car, saw the long haired black and white I knew was now homeless and opened my passenger side door.  I crouched down next to my car, parked by the sidewalk, in hopes that this cat would come to me. I didn’t know if he would but I’d decided that if he did I’d take him home.

Anybody’s guess what happened. 😀

These photos were taken at different times through the years and they are not arranged in chronological order. I chose a few that I thought showed some different aspects of him. I could’ve gone on for weeks.   I have so many photos of this cat and he has many faces and traits that come across in photos. Looking at all those pictures of him made me smile and laugh. He really is quite a character.


Taken 12/26 2015. Sitting in the dining room window on his perch. He’s sitting on a horse blanket. My mother gave us three. She used to ride and had her own horse. I’d stacked the blankets on the living room floor. Oz found them, had a little lie-down on the stack and adopted them as his own.


Taken June 2012. Napping high atop the CD shelf.


Taken January 2009. It’s all about the clutter. He’s on the dining room table. B cluttered up the table every weekend and Oz was in heaven.

Taken January 2009. Same day as previous photo. Just a different spot and a little different angle.  A bit closer to B, who’s at top left corner.

Taken May 2014. Visiting the neighbor during our yard sale that day.

Taken May 2014, same day as above but this is the morning, getting ready for the yard sale. Oz made sure to get a prime spot.

“Do NOT disturb.”

Taken Jan. 2011. In our basement drinking from his bucket. This is all he’ll drink water from. Well this and the toilet and he’s cut off from the toilet.

Taken September 2006. On the side of the house, looking toward the back alley. Our house is to the left. I’m sure he’s pondering where to go first. Lots of rounds to make.

Sleeping Kitty

Our kitty sleeps in funny positions and places. This particular spot and position isn’t the craziest I’ve seen from him but it was entertaining and made me laugh. So I thought I’d share.



Here he is in a reasonable sleeping position. It’s a bit dark, even though I took this late morning. I love how his legs are sticking out off the bed in a scissor-like formation.



Here’s the position that made me laugh. He’s hanging off the bed, most likely chasing the sun but it had moved by this point and most of the light from the sun is behind him.



And here, it’s just a zoomed out version edited to black and white. If you look closely you can see the reflection of his back pitter in the glass of the table.