Loaner Car and Library Books

My car had to go unexpectedly to the shop yesterday, with a burnt out bulb for the left turn signal. And after I called to make that appointment, I heard a rubbing sound that I could also kind of feel. So when I took it for the bulb fix, I told him about the sound and they checked that out too.

So what would’ve been a quick bulb change resulted in me going home with a loaner car while they checked deeper into the issue. They already knew it was a brake problem, they just needed to take things apart and see what exactly was wrong with the brakes.

The shop manager gave me a loaner car to use and it just so happened that the nice one was available. It’s an Acura…an Acura TL to be exact. Of course there are nicer models but I drive a Buick Century. The Acura takes corners sharply and picks up quickly and looks sporty.  I feel so confident when I drive that car.

This is a 2014 model. The one I drove is a 2003 but it’s still nice and runs so great. It’s an auto mechanic shop’s loaner so…

In comparison mine takes a bit to get off the ground, is kind of a lug when it turns a corner and looks like an old people car.

I decided I wanted to drive to the library. I know…exciting right?  Well this particular library is a little bit of a distance so it gave me a chance to really drive the Acura. I was able to get on a trafficky two lane road and take myself quickly away from any potential tailgater. I was able to swing quickly around someone parking terribly on a tight and busy four lane road and I was able to shrug off potholes and bumps as if they were nothing.

I already had one specific book in mind when I got to the library. It’s called The Gaslight Effect by Dr. Robin Stern. If I wasn’t so paranoid, I’d think she was trying to gaslight readers since she actually does not capitalize the first letter of the words in her title or her name.

I have just finished the first chapter and already have learned some interesting things. One is that I’ve done some gaslighting of my own. It’s not easy to learn that, but now that I know I can work on correcting that. Of course I’ve also learned a little more about how I was gaslighted in some past relationships with men. There are things that are considered gaslighting that I had not realized.  And so this explains the loss of self and my confusion in those situations.

I also got a book called Transcendence, which is a book about Transcendental meditation, something I’ve been interested in for a long time but cannot afford to go to the classes that are offered. I also have an aversion to the crowds the classes draw. Too many people sitting too close together. Ugh, no thank you.

The other books are about finances. I figure it’s never to late to learn.

After I was finished at the library, I went to pick up my own car and had to sadly give back the loaner. I keep asking for an even trade but for some reason the shop manager just laughs.  Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.