Tailgaters Suck Ass

This happens to me all the time and I’m no granny driver.

However, I do become one in a 15 mile school zone when the lights are flashing. But despite the school zone, it never fails that I get a fucking asshole tail gater. I swear I’m a magnet for these dicks. And I’m sick of it.

Today, one came creeping up from quite a distance and never should have caught up to me if he’d been doing the speed limit.  I was right in front of the school the zone was in and this guy was in my trunk.

The next thing that happens is the guy behind him lays on his horn.

Like tell me WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK is wrong with these people.

It’s a school zone. Kids are everywhere, including crossing the road we’re on.

How the fuck do I stop these assholes who do this from pissing me off? It ruins my entire day and I’m ready to go sit at a bar and get trashed.

I hate this area. Aggressive drivers are everywhere and tailgating is a major problem around here. Even when you’re not a granny driver.

(No offense to grannies or slow drivers. I prefer to do the speed limit myself. But much of the time when you do that around here, you get run off the road or majorly and aggressively tailgated.)

I just wanna know how do I get it to stop making me so angry?


The World of Aggressive and Entitled Zombies

I hate going out anymore. I can’t drive the freaking speed limit without having a tailgater. If I let the asshole pass, it’s not long before another one takes its place.

WTF?!? I’m no granny driver. And I’m talking about little residential streets where the speed limit is 15!!! But I’m already going 25.  Even in school zones, drivers around here get up your ass when your doing the speed your supposed to be doing.

I don’t allow these morons to intimidate me into speeding up since they won’t be around to pay any fine or a possible hospital bill in the event of a wreck.

But fuck if I won’t slow down if you insist on riding in my trunk. In fact, I’ll slam my brake because it pisses me off so much. I don’t know how else to get across that it’s not acceptable that you ride my back bumper.

Most of the time it works and the tail gater backs off. Only once someone swerved around me (on a two lane road during morning rush hour) and took revenge. Slamming his brake every couple seconds and raging behind the wheel while glaring through his rear view mirror.

He’d been and still is to date the most aggressive tail gater I’ve ever run into. It was such a nice way to start the day.

Not only did I deal with assholes (aka tailgaters) but then I dared go to Whole Foods. This place is like walking into entitle-ville.  To these zombies, no one but them has the right to take up any space.

I can’t stand the ones who get in line behind me and feel the need to stand in my back pocket. You know what? Step the fuck back. I needed to move my cart to steer it around something  but the guy in back of me in line, made sure to stand his ground as the cart pushed into his rib cage. This even though I said, “Excuse me I need to move my cart.”  Helloooo???? Are you even human?

Another woman, as I stood at the register, needed to get around me to get to another register, so instead of saying, “Excuse me could you move your cart a bit?” She slammed into it instead.

Apparently these idiots think that physics doesn’t apply to them. And good manners certainly isn’t something they think about.

I’m so sick of the mentality of the public. Why is it such a problem to respect someone’s space. No one is going to butt in front of you if you stand just a bit further back from someone in front of you in line. I don’t want to hear your breathing or smell your nasty breath.

And why is it such an issue to open your fucking mouth and say, excuse me? And why the fuck do we need to play chicken when you see me coming but you insist on walking toward me as if I’m not even there?

I have the right to take up space as much as you do!

So I left the house this morning to tend to an old dog in a pretty happy mood. And then run a couple errands.  But instead of returning that way I’m like Jekyll turned into Hyde.

Obviously I have not mastered detachment. I need a fucking punching bag, an actual punching bag. I’m sure B would agree.