I Have Started Selling on Ebay

I have thought and talked about selling on ebay and have finally gotten to the point that I’m listing consistently.

Right now I am focusing on Christmas ornaments since we have quite a bit of holiday decor between the two of us that we’d like to sell.

I only like to sell things that are in really good condition for the most part. I’m sure there would be exceptions  but any flaws present, I am honest to point them out.

So anyway, the reason I’m writing this here is to spread the word. Maybe I have something you are interested in.

This link goes to my profile page. So then what you do to find the items I’m selling is scroll down a bit. You’ll see “Items for sale” and the number of items next to that.  The cover photo of each item is there as well and then on the right hand side, above the photos, you’ll see a clickable link that says, “see all items.”

If you click that you’ll be able to see everything I have listed. Check back often, the list will grow.

There are some auctions but there are also some things I listed to just ‘buy now.’

I will probably post every so often about this. The focus is for Christmas right now, but I will be listing and selling other things in the future.