Noise Nuisance Neighbor

Just as I begin to adjust to this place, this happens:  I apologize for the bouncy camera work. It was a quick grab of the camera to record this noise.  The big bang sounds you hear at about the 1:05 mark, that is the bass vibrating from his speakers.

This guy is a freak about his sound system. He spent hours on perfecting the sound back in the autumn. One night last week, I saw him out there fiddling around yet again, tools strewn all over the inside of the car. (I could see from my vantage point, which is my living room window, and where he was parked that particular night. He is pretty much in the same spot he is in, in this video but I am taking this video from my bedroom window. And I just so happened to zoom in on his license plate.

Unfortunately, capturing this on a camera mic doesn’t really translate all that well. But it’s what I’ve got. I am also competing with the traffic on the road in front of my building (which is the back of his building). It’s a main road. Not a highway but pretty heavily traveled, especially at the rush hours.

I recorded again last night (this was two nights ago) and while recording, called 911 (because that’s our only option here) and when I played back the recording, I could hear his stereo in the back ground really loud. I wonder if the guy I spoke to at 911 could hear it as I spoke to him.

If the cops came, I didn’t see them. If they came, he was likely gone by the time they showed up.

I can’t seem to get away from those who display anti-social and sociopathic behavior. I’m like a fucking magnet to such horrible neighbors.

Those with super sonic ears, could you tell me what is whispered at the end of the video please?
Just after he sings the last verse (out of synch I may add) I whisper something. I think it might be: “I guess he thinks he can sing” but I want to be sure.

I also am thinking about sharing this on FB since it’s a local thing.  I’m not sure that having his license plate displayed though would be OK.