A Quote in Context

So I have this refrigerator magnet that my mother gave me. Not sure when but no doubt it was part of a bigger gift. She was always a great gift giver.

But this one thing, this magnet say, “Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.” -Native American Proverb

It’s a nice thought actually. Just that saying all by itself. But in the context of the message that’s been tossed my way each time I had some issue, some problem I wanted to discuss after it had made its way into the what she considered too far into the past to be important. And even worse is that many times it never was important to her at all.

The living too much in the past and being too sensitive was the message, even if it wasn’t said directly.

So the magnet, or rather the saying on the magnet seems just another way of sending that message.

And that’s why when I found it after unboxing some stuff I had stored away, I threw it into the living room from the dining room, and said, “That’s outta here.”

I salvaged it off the floor today long enough to write this post. Now that I’ve done that, this thing is going into the Goodwill box.