No More Salads for Me (At Least for Now)

I know this is way off topic of my blog but I just felt compelled to write this.

The last three salads I’ve made myself and eaten have not agreed with me at all. I’ve had some not so nice digestive reactions and it doesn’t feel good at all.

My salads consist of a had of romaine hearts as the base, then I just add a few other vegetables. Lately it’s been cucumber, which I left off tonight. I wanted to test and see if that alone was the culprit. Nope. I still had to run to the bathroom.

I must be a glutton for punishment.

Tonight was minimal for the fixins. I had some olives and I used a pickle, something I never put on my salads. I used up the cheese I had and the dressing was my homemade mayo. I also added a tiny bit of hot sauce and some pickle juice to make it a bit more interesting.

I have never used hot sauce, pickles or pickle juice on a salad before, so those things are not necessarily what is making me sick. In fact I used the hot sauce on a pasta dish I heated up the last couple nights, left over from B’s Christmas with his family and I was fine. So it’s not the hot sauce. I have also eaten quite a few of the pickles I used for the salad tonight too and have had no problems. As is the same with the cheese. I have also used my homemade mayo with burgers and have had no issues, so I’m sure it’s not that either.

I pretty much only eat the olives on salads so they could be the problem. But I think the main culprit is the lettuce.

So I will be taking a vacation from lettuce for a while. And what better time than in the winter time when the temps have been in the teens. I need to be eating warm, cooked foods anyway.

Ugh, I feel pretty gross right now.