Zack and Ace: Two Dogs I Used to Know (Photos)

Zack and Ace were two dogs who lived with friends of mine. Zack was a pet store dog, bought as a puppy and Ace was a stray found at a park in the city I live near. Both quite photogenic.

All of these photos were taken with the last film camera I owned. The one I sold at one of our yard sales.

Some of the photos were taken at their house and some were taken out at the park Ace was found at (but not the same day he was found) at different times.

Some of the photos are black and white because I had a roll I’d bought to play with.

I had scanned the hard copies of the photos onto my hard drive to share with my friend on FB some years back.

Hope you enjoy these two goofballs. 🙂


Ace under the coffee table…half of him anyway

Just playing with the editing software



Zack and Ace

Face off.

Such a muppet


Black and white photo edited to look sepia toned. That’s Zack walking toward the camera.


That ink black nose 😀