Sadness or Depression

I’m feeling an intensely deep sadness today that started yesterday. Thankfully I had therapy yesterday.

I had a good cry in therapy…after the initial break down that took place during an emotional flashback.

Click here to read about my break down before therapy.

It felt like a release of anger, letting loose to the pain that is there. The hurt I feel about my family’s abuse of me.

But the sadness continues today and I had a thought about depression.

I read something a long time ago about depression and that it is actually an absence of emotion. Sort of this numbness. Which given the word…de-press it made sense to me.

I’m sorry, I don’t remember exactly what was stated in the article I read and I don’t know where that article is.

But in either case, I feel a deep sadness and loneliness today, not a complete absence of emotion.