This Turned Out to Be a Small Tribute for a Cat and a Dog (Photos)

I’ve been wanting to write but struggling terribly with words. Things aren’t good and so I wanted to immerse myself into something else for a change. I have a pile of thumb drives with photos and videos on them. They’ve been sitting in a drawer waiting for me to go through them. These are some photos from one of them

-Ozzy was our cat who passed some months back. He loved it outdoors.

-The black dog was a dog I walked and cared for twice a week for a while. She was not very cuddly or playful, but she was sweet. She was also elderly and in a lot of joint pain too. She has since passed.

-Mushrooms…I just really love mushrooms. I’m fascinated by them.

Our beautiful front yard in Ardmore. You can see Ozzy in the distance.

Ozzy… or is that Batman? Very content,  sunning and earthing himself.

Lucy going out…

Lucy coming back in…

Three legged dog…looks like it anyway.

But you can see here that she isn’t.

This gorgeous mushroom was in Lucy’s back yard.


Second Snow of Season While the Cat Talks

I pushed record and let it go from inside the bedroom window. You can hear Oz this time.

He is an old, half deaf cat who is loud and talkative.

The snow falling right now creates an urge to go out and take pictures and even some video in a neighborhood I lived in from the ages of 6 to 10.  It’s part of something I’ve been thinking about doing.

But I don’t want to take any chances of either me crashing my car in the slippery snow or someone else smashing into me. Making it worse, we’re now into school traffic time and shortly to follow will be ‘rush hour,’ although it is constant rush hour in these parts.

The Cat in the Dumpster: Trigger Warning Even Though It Was a Dream

I stood on the patio of a building that was a few yards from a residential road. There was an awning above me and a driveway to my left, just a few feet across a patch of grass.

As I took a long draw from the cigarette I’d been smoking, I watched a woman approach two men that had been dumping trash into a dumpster at the curb.

The woman had been cradling a cat. She held it out and patted it on its side. One of the men did the same as if showing he’d understood her demonstration. The other man then smacked the cat on its side repeatedly, as if exaggerating the pat the woman illustrated.

I gasped at the force used on the cat and could hear his hand making contact. But I continued to watch the interaction from where I stood.

The woman then handed the cat over to the first man and he put it in the dumpster. The woman walked away, down the road.

Even from where I stood, I could see that the second man started to cover the cat with one of those light weight, translucent trash bags.

I’d become omnipotent to a point and could see straight down into the dumpster, although I was still standing on the patio.

I thought, “How could he do something like that?”

It was a strange subtle move to suffocate the cat. I knew this somehow.

I dropped what was left of the cigarette to the ground and walked toward the dumpster. Just as I approached the side of it,the men turned away. It would not have mattered whether they saw me or not. I felt calm and determined about taking the cat.

However, I still I felt as though their not seeing made what I wanted to do, easier.

I reached in and claimed the cat.

I carried him away and said, “I don’t know what I’m gonna do with you but I can’t let you die in a dumpster.”

Sleeping Kitty

Our kitty sleeps in funny positions and places. This particular spot and position isn’t the craziest I’ve seen from him but it was entertaining and made me laugh. So I thought I’d share.



Here he is in a reasonable sleeping position. It’s a bit dark, even though I took this late morning. I love how his legs are sticking out off the bed in a scissor-like formation.



Here’s the position that made me laugh. He’s hanging off the bed, most likely chasing the sun but it had moved by this point and most of the light from the sun is behind him.



And here, it’s just a zoomed out version edited to black and white. If you look closely you can see the reflection of his back pitter in the glass of the table.