While I Waited

While I Waited

That day while I was waiting
For once it wasn’t raining.

So I took that time
To go inside
As I sat under a tree
Ready for whatever that ride
Had in store for me

Within I dove
And there I found
The truth of how
my heart was ground
to resemble powdered glass

I could clearly see
That lovely day
To my vulnerability

It wasn’t simply
Here and now
Your advantage I’d allow

Every day I’d fear
Your absence
And I’d begun to disappear

The sun shone through
As I waited
And it was then
that I drew

My conclusion.

Who Am I?

Pink Tulip

Lonely Tulip Yet To Blossom. Photo Credit: Aura Gael/Sleeping Tiger. Haiku written by Aura Gael/Sleeping Tiger.

This Haiku (or the basis of it) came to me when I glanced in a mirror today. When I saw my reflection, I didn’t recognize myself and thought about all the time that has passed and all the lost opportunity to know myself. I felt defeated, old and like I’m too late for life.