Lilac Buds

At the house B and I used to live in, there was a small yard. And the people who lived there before us planted a lot of flowers. Every Spring I’d notice the buds and by mid-summer the front and side areas outside the house were full of color.

My favorite though was the lilac tree. It’s my understanding that lilacs grow on bushes. But this was no bush. It was a full fledged tree and in fact had grown tall enough to see more than just the top of it out our second floor window.

The tree would bloom for only a short time so I tried to enjoy it while it lasted. I used to cut off a bud now and then and put it in a cup on our mantle.

Neither B or I have green thumbs. He used to cut the grass and we’d weed and rake now and then. But we definitely didn’t tend to the plant life outside much at all. However the woman who lived there before us has a glowing green thumb. I know this because she is B’s sister in law. His brother, wife and their daughter lived there before we did.

That’s a whole ‘nother story though. So without further ado:

Here’s a picture of just a bud though taken from the ground.