Some Dogs I Have Known Before

Sharing a few pictures of dogs I’ve cared for in the past. I used to do pet sitting work for two companies (at separate times) and a little on the side for myself when a dog would stay with us at our house.

Most dogs adjusted well and were just happy to have almost continuous human attention.

Commentary for the photos are under each correlating photo for the most part. There is one photo that has the commentary to the right of it.

If you’d like to see a larger version of the pictures, click on them.



Belle looks like a Clumber Spaniel but in the little searching and reading I’ve done on the breed, which isn’t a lot, I have not found a Clumber with back spots.  She was a sweet dog who loved people with an indifference to other dogs. One day while I was walking her, we crossed paths with a woman walking another dog. Belle approached the woman and immediately clung to her legs as if giving a hug. Belle and the woman had never met before that.

The photo on the left is edited to black and white and the photo on the right is an effect of having a little fun in PhotoShop.


This little guy was named Boo after the character in To Kill a Mockingbird. He was young, active and always excited to go for a walk.

This guy (Dawson) is a German Shepherd mix with, it looks like to me, Rhodesian Ridgeback. He loves people and kids but he can get a bit hyped up and can play rough. I still see him from time to time when his humans go out of town, but the twice a week walks I used to give him had to stop. His unpredictable reactions to other dogs really did a number on my PTSD symptoms. When I visit now, I don’t walk him. We just hang out and sometimes play in his back yard. He also has a dog door to go in and out as he pleases.

The photo on the left is Dawson with a Beagle named Thunder. I was still walking Dawson at this point. Thunder would sometimes be in his yard by himself and would come running down the hill when D-dog and I would walk by. Thankfully they were always friendly with each other.




Domino was one of my mother’s friend’s dogs. He was a little Shi Tzu who stayed with us for a short time when his human was out of town. Unfortunately I don’t remember much about this cute little guy, but wanted to include a picture because his pics bring a smile to my face and I thought he might do the same for others.


To be continued…maybe. I have a habit of saying “I’m gonna…(fill in the blank) and then I never do it. So enjoy these and if the urge strikes I’ll share more. I have a lot of dog photos from my pet sitting days. I hope you enjoy these.

If you like and want to see more, let me know. It may encourage me to get a round tuit. 😀


Taking a Break with Clutter Kitty

Ozzy is apparently above the clutter today. Perched on a bin he supervises and dozes off in between, while B organizes a bunch of stuff from a big chest and other boxes.  Usually Oz is right in the middle of the clutter somewhere but there’s not much room so he chose his spot strategically. I think as long as that spot is close to B, Ozzy is a happy kitty.


{I have more to share about my story and what was behind my apprehension to get so close in helping my siblings care for my father during his illness. It’s already pretty clear if you’ve read the previous two posts, Because of Our Past and Betrayal is a Mother.

But there is more that includes some shame of my own and brings up other memories too. I just thought I’d take a bit of a break with present day so you can see how peaceful it is at the moment. As much as I complain about B, he is an overall good person. And of course the kitty is really cute.}



I am frustrated, angry and worried.

I hate dealing with doctors and vets although a much nicer breed (pun) they are still not my favorite people to deal with.

And that’s because if something is wrong that needs extensive testing, and then extensive costs in treatment, I feel like shit when I have to either pick and choose or do nothing because of financial issues.

Ozzy had an ear infection. We had a vet visit, meds given for ear, done, he seems fine.

While we were there though other tests were taken and although the money was there to pay for the labs, we certainly felt it.

Now of course the labs come up with some problems that need more testing.

Hypercalacemia could be an indication of something from his kidney issues, we are already aware of all the way to a symptom of parathyroid cancer. So of course they would need to submit more labs (which carry an additional cost) to dig deeper to find the actual cause of this.

His urine sample came back with blood and white blood cells so to find out what’s causing this, that would take another $125.

He needs his teeth cleaned and with all that’s involved with that we’re looking at over $1000…$1026.12 to be exact. That includes a 90 cent tax. If I didn’t want to cry that would be laughable.

Oh, I almost forgot to include the heart arrhythmia the vet picked up too.

Even if we had the money to pay for all this testing, we’d have to have the money for whatever the treatment is. If he’s got cancer of his parathyroid, that’s surgery to have it removed. And most likely medication after surgery.

There was talk about an MRI for something when I took him in. I can’t remember what that was in reference to, I think his heart.

It’s overwhelming as fuck. And I tend to ignore the follow ups knowing full well the money isn’t there to do anything anyway.And I feel like a shit for saying no to anything the vet recommends.

We don’t have the kind of money to be able to say, “Whatever it takes.”  If we did that, the cat wouldn’t have a place to live because neither would we.

But his health seems to be much more serious now and I am not able to just ignore the follow ups completely. I will need to pick and choose and anything costing $1000 is out of the question.

The only thing we can do at this point is to make the appointment, find out what more is going on and go from there.

I’m so tired of poverty.

I’m closing comments because I know how emotional people can be. I trust those who comment regularly. But if someone new finds this given the key words and gets angry because they think I’m a bad owner for not having the money I need to get all that’s needed done for our cat, well, that’s the shit I don’t want to read.

I feel bad enough already.


Sleeping Kitty

Our kitty sleeps in funny positions and places. This particular spot and position isn’t the craziest I’ve seen from him but it was entertaining and made me laugh. So I thought I’d share.



Here he is in a reasonable sleeping position. It’s a bit dark, even though I took this late morning. I love how his legs are sticking out off the bed in a scissor-like formation.



Here’s the position that made me laugh. He’s hanging off the bed, most likely chasing the sun but it had moved by this point and most of the light from the sun is behind him.



And here, it’s just a zoomed out version edited to black and white. If you look closely you can see the reflection of his back pitter in the glass of the table.

Feeling Sad About a Dog

I’ve been walking a little black Lab mix (Lucy) on Thursdays for a few years now. I say little, but she’s more of a medium size dog, but small in comparison to a full bred Lab.

She’s an old girl, who even in her older age has had quite a bit of energy. Still gets excited to see people. Interested when she sees other dogs, although she’s content to just sniff. Being in the same company with another dog is OK with her, but she prefers to forego the play at this point.

I can see that her joints are getting a bit stiffer with each visit and the muscles in her hips get weaker. It’s sad to see the deterioration of a once active and boisterous dog.

Now as if to add insult to injury the poor girl has recently grown a huge tumor growth on the inside of her upper lip.

After our walk, I noticed some blood on the rug where she’d been napping. And since the tumor had gotten bigger since I saw her last, I could see more of it, I observed the top half to have a yellowish white color.

I called her human to let her know about both of these things.

It was then I found out that Lucy has a vet appointment. The blood, since it wasn’t a lot, wasn’t anything to be alarmed about, but Lucy’s human became concerned about the color I mentioned.

She has a vet appointment tomorrow and the human family will be asking what to do next. There was an initial appointment when the tumor was small and first noticed and the advice was to do nothing but watch it, because of her age.

It’s grown rather rapidly and is now quite large. I can feel the discomfort when I look at poor Lucy.

I don’t know what will come of the vet visit tomorrow, but I get the feeling it won’t be the greatest news.

Getting Organized, Cat in a Box and a Quote from Carl

I’m still getting organized at the new place that Mr. B and I moved into at the end of August.  I had a bunch of stuff in a laptop box lid to go through. Most was stuff to shred but there were other things too.

Coupons for Bed Bath and Beyond. For some reason you can use their coupons even years after they expire.
Some medical related stuff, including some rough notes about supplements and natural remedies. And some other things that I’m not quite sure what to do with…which is why they ended up in that box top in the first place.
Just a side note: My cat took to the box almost as soon as I put it on the floor despite (or maybe even because of) the ripped up and ready for the shredder papers in it.


Oz in a box

I also had written a quote down that ended up in there and I thought I’d share it here since it’s so relevant to my story…which is pretty much what I write about.

“Repression does not work.
When and inner situation
is not made conscious,
it appears outside as fate.”

-Carl G. Jung

I would love to get some thoughts on this quote and read what it might mean to you and how you interpret it.