Taking a Break with Clutter Kitty

Ozzy is apparently above the clutter today. Perched on a bin he supervises and dozes off in between, while B organizes a bunch of stuff from a big chest and other boxes.  Usually Oz is right in the middle of the clutter somewhere but there’s not much room so he chose his spot strategically. I think as long as that spot is close to B, Ozzy is a happy kitty.


{I have more to share about my story and what was behind my apprehension to get so close in helping my siblings care for my father during his illness. It’s already pretty clear if you’ve read the previous two posts, Because of Our Past and Betrayal is a Mother.

But there is more that includes some shame of my own and brings up other memories too. I just thought I’d take a bit of a break with present day so you can see how peaceful it is at the moment. As much as I complain about B, he is an overall good person. And of course the kitty is really cute.}

Update On Ozzy (Kind of)

I had to cancel Ozzy’s vet appointment this morning, which was scheduled for Monday. There’s no money for it right now.

A lot of shit is hitting all at once with this month’s bills and some extra shit as well.

Without getting too much into detail about our finances, the money just isn’t there unless we go without toilet paper and Ozzy needs food.  No point in the vet if he can’t even eat.