Moving: What I Will Not Miss

DSCN0948bSo we’re finally moving. After a few deadlines set that were extended, we are now moving house this week.

Unfortunately we are moving from a three bedroom house with an attic, basement and a two car garage to a two bedroom apartment.  We’ve gotten rid of some things, but I’m not sure it’s enough. The person I live with, Mr. B is a collector. I suppose that’s a nice way of saying he’s bordering on being a hoarder.

But then I’ve seen that show “Hoarders” and he’s nowhere near having the problem the people on that show have. He has problems letting go of things, but most of those things do have sentimental value…although he has also hung onto magazines and newspapers with the plan to read them later.  However, we can walk through the house, things are neatly placed and our mail doesn’t pile up to the point of not being able to open the door. But then, we’ve had a certain amount of storage space that will no longer be available to us.

The storage space is one thing I’ll miss, but this post is to tell you what I won’t miss. So here goes:

  1. The smell of sewage that comes from the master bathroom sink periodically.
  2.  The way the shower drain in the master bathroom stops up only after a week to the point of overflow. (We’ve had a screen in there now for months so we don’t have to snake it or call a plumber every couple weeks and have discovered it’s not just my hair that is clogging it up. Honestly I’m really not sure what’s going on there.)
  3. The mold problem in the master bathroom. Even though a vent was finally installed, the mold still builds up in the shower and even in the toilet. It’s disgusting. The shower ceiling had mold all over it before the house had work done to it. So the painter painted over it, using some anti mold paint. However, either it didn’t work or he didn’t use enough because the mold that was already there is seeping through.Given that this ass hat only gave the master bathroom one coat of what looks like primer paint, I’m sure he half assed the shower ceiling as well.
  4. The wet floor in the master bathroom we find each time there is a heavy rain. This is new and has only happened twice now. We can’t figure out where it’s coming from because both times it’s happened, the only thing wet is sections of the area rugs on the floor. And they are sopping wet too. Everything else is dry.  The only place I can think of that it might be coming in, is the vent that was installed. But again, that is also dry when we check. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was the problem since the same ass clown that painted the place is also the same guy who dug out the space for the vent to be installed into.
  5. The sewage smell that comes from the clothes washer each time we start a load. This has gotten worse in the last month or so. It used to just happen if we hadn’t used the washer in a day or so and after the first load had started, the smell would dissipate. Now it stinks the whole time the washer is running and with each load.  (We’ve said something about this to the landlord yes. And we are told it has something to do with some sort of drainage dish and the fact that it dries out if we don’t use the washer every day.  Supposedly it’s normal but I call bullshit.)
  6. The landlord…I won’t miss her being our landlord. Getting anything fixed was always up to us. We had to make the calls, get the workers, schedule them and then pay them up front. (The paying up front got easier once I got in on the budget and had a part in what was going on. Plus it was taken off the rent so again, that was fine. And this didn’t happen with the big job done here in fixing a bunch of stuff and painting.)  There were also times we’d get a price and she’d write a check. The workers hired that I referred to above though, sucked. And the landlord wouldn’t hear us. She said, “This is for you and a better way of living.”   WTF??? These guys didn’t clean up at the end of their day, there was broken concrete down the hallway for a week, the painter insisted on cleaning his equipment in the kitchen sink even though I asked him numerous times to use the basement sink. I could go on.  Yeah, I won’t miss the neglect at all.  Oh and then shortly afterward, although she said all the work was for us, it was time to move. It’s been a couple years because of so much going on. But the reason we were here in the first place was to be next door to Mr. B’s mother, who is also our landlord’s mother. (The landlord here is Mr. B’s sister.)  Not long after all this work was done at this house, Mr. B’s mother began having health issues, took a fall and then couldn’t live at the house next door anymore on her own. So guess who else had to go too. So much for all this work being for us. This after living for years with a leak from the master bathroom and a hole in the living room ceiling. I understand the agreement was that we were here to be near their mom and take care of certain things she needed. But it still felt like the rug was pulled out from under us after putting up with a bunch of rude, disrespectful and inconsiderate men fixing the problems here, only to be told after living through that hell, to start looking for another place to live. trash next door
  7. The next door neighbor. This chick keeps her trash outside. Some of it on the side of the house. It used to be all of it until I said something. Now it’s just yard waste, which has been there for weeks and recycling. Last week, I happened to see the trash can in the back outside of her garage overflowing with trash and some of it strewn on her driveway. Our houses are less than ten feet apart so what we do in our yards effects each other. When she first moved in on a blustery day, she emptied her boxes and put them outside against her outside wall, which in itself sucked since it’s not a pretty view. But then the wind carried them over to our property so we had boxes everywhere.  When I asked her to take them in because they keep blowing over to our yard, she laughed and said, “Oh I know, I keep pushing them back and well tomorrow is recycle day so I’ll just take them to the curb later.” It so happened that it was a holiday weekend and the next day wasn’t recycle day. But so what anyway? She kept pushing the boxes back after they’d blow over here…um…”Insanity is…?”
  8. Parking issues. Sometimes we can’t even park right in front of our house because a neighbor from across the street takes that spot. This, even though they all have their own driveways right at their front doors.  We have back parking but the driveway we have is on a hill and makes it difficult to get in and out of the car when we park there. Mr. B usually parks back there, preferring not to be on the street though so this has not been an issue for him.

Thanksgiving Day

That’s all I can think of right now. I would prefer to spend some time thinking about what I will miss for the next post even though it will make me sad. But at least it won’t make me angry.



Renting Time

The last 13 years Mr. B and I have lived in a rented house where his sister is our landlord.

I’m feeling sad about moving and in the past couple weeks I’ve been pretty reactionary to things probably because I’m feeling the stress of leaving a place I’ve grown attached to. I’m also worried about where we will end up since the rent here has been a ‘steal’ given we’ve been renting from family.

In addition, we were here because Mr. B’s mom lived next door and the family wanted someone close by to tend to any needs she may have had.

Those needs were few and far between. It was a pleasure to live next door to her and she never wanted to “bother us.” I used to love to go visit in the afternoon once in a while and sit and chat. I would ask a question to get her talking and she’d tell me an interesting story about something from the past.

Mr. B did her grocery shopping on the weekends and cut her grass. The houses are attached twins and the properties are small, so it was easy to cut her grass while he cut ours.

She is now in an assisted living facility so having us here in this house is no longer necessary and Mr. B’s sister, being older now herself wants to sell the house we’ve been renting from her. She has already extended our limit once because she was busy getting the house next door sold for their mother, so she’ll have money to live on.

That house (mom’s place) is now sold and this house (the one we’ve been living in) will go on the market on September 1.

I’ve only ever mourned one place of residence before and I don’t even think I’d realized that was what was going on. This time I’m grieving two houses at once. It’s a strange feeling.