I Prayed to St. Jude

I’ve put this off for far too long. And that’s because of my usual fear of what others will think.

Back when I was worried about ovarian cancer, I prayed to St. Jude. Even before I knew whether I had it or not.  As soon as I heard the suggestion of it and the doctor telling me the symptoms I was having matched, I was a panic stricken mess.

I went to bed. I stayed there (for the most part) and didn’t eat for seven days. I still cared for myself minimally, meaning I brushed my teeth, drank some water, took a shower or two in that time.  But it wasn’t until the 7th day that I ate something because I was so damn hungry.

The other thing I did during that time was pray to St. Jude. What I did was a ritual. It just so happened that I already had his novena candle. I looked up various rituals that others had posted on YouTube and chose one.

I wrote out the prayer and gathered the things that I did have that were suggested and recommended to use for the ritual.  I recited (or rather read) the prayer for 9 days.

The timing was just so, that by the time I had gotten the results of all the testing the nine days was up.

I had quite a few things going on in there, but ovarian cancer wasn’t one of them.

Thank you St. Jude. And I apologize to you St. Jude, that I put off writing this for so long.