B(lu’s) Youngest Sibling

I know, I know, this is not the season to be all bitchy, especially when it doesn’t effect me much at all, but I’m going to be anyway because I’m annoyed as hell. The annoyance is with B’s younger sister. I don’t want to trash her to him, so I’m gonna do it here and get it out of my system.

I’m going to give her and the other people I mention names here, make one up, so when you’re reading it doesn’t sound so clunky. I’ll call his younger sister, Lucy, his older sister, Sara. And his mother (who’s passed), Dottie.  But none of them are real names.

I’m also going to change B to Blu and no that isn’t his real name either.

Okay so:

Blu went to spend Christmas with his family at his sister Sara’s house.

He has a pretty big family.

Two sisters, two brothers, three of those siblings have spouses.

Two nieces and two nephews.

So instead of exchanging gifts with each and every one, they have a Pollyanna. They’ve been doing this for years, before I met him.

It’s the type of Pollyanna where you just buy a general gift, wrap it and put it in a pile with the rest. You pick a number from a hat ranging from one to however many people are participating. Then follow chronologically picking a wrapped gift from the pile and opening it. There is more to the rules but it’s unimportant to the story.

The amount of money spent is set to $50, which is reasonable for everyone in this particular situation.

Blu bought a really nice external hard drive as his Pollyanna gift, which, is a good gift for pretty much anyone and certainly everyone in his family could use it.  So it’s a thoughtful gift in my not so humble opinion.

Just to note, I didn’t go with him and he spent the night at his sister Sara’s house last night, He called to let me know what he was doing and we talked a little. I asked him who ended up with his gift, but he misunderstood my question and told me what he ended up with.

When he told me I didn’t really have a reaction and I went back to my original question. He answered and we talked some more about his day.

I was home alone so there wasn’t much for me to say about that.

But today, I started thinking about what he told me he ended up with again and got really annoyed.

I think his sister, Lucy is pretty thoughtless…either that or something is wrong with her. And I don’t mean that facetiously.

The gift she gave as Pollyanna was gardening tools. Remember it’s a ‘general’ gift that could be conducive for anyone there to use, or whatever.  Well, no one, other than Lucy, gardens to my knowledge. Maybe Sara does, and she would be the only other one. But if she does, then it’s very little and she has so much money, I really doubt that she needs gardening tools. In fact, Sara has fricken’ landscaper because her property is so large.

Blu ended up with the gardening tools. And then said, “I don’t have a garden though.”
And Lucy said, “Oh, well I’ll take ’em back then.”

Who fucking does that????

So Blu participates, gives a nice gift and then gets no gift in return.

Now I know I sound like an utter ingrate here, and of course it sounds like it’s about what he got or didn’t get. It’s not. It doesn’t effect me whether he got presents or didn’t. And knowing him, he likely doesn’t care either.

But wtf Lucy??? Why would you get a gift that no one in the family would use other than yourself. I went through my mind and listed the family members to see…”Hm, who else would use them?  Um…NO ONE LUCY! NO ONE!”

The only one who may have appreciated them, is no longer mobile enough to be able to dig around in the dirt, so the fucking ‘gift’ is seriously thoughtless.

Today thinking about this, I’m thinking, “He could’ve held onto them and sold them on ebay.”  Even if it had occurred to me on the phone last night, it would’ve been too late, because I think Lucy had already left.

Oh well. I don’t care about that and I don’t care about the gift itself.

Lucy is a bit loud and obnoxious, making her very different than the rest of the family. I can’t be around her much because her boisterous personality does a number on my sensitive nervous system. But that’s just one thing.

When we lived in our house, we lived next to Blu’s mother. She was a pleasant and nice elderly woman (when I knew her) who didn’t want to impose on us, but we were there for her when she needed something. I would also go over during the day once in awhile and sit and talk with her. I loved to listen to stories about her childhood and when she was a young woman raising her children.

At one point, Lucy, who had been living out west, moved back to the area and moved in with their mother temporarily. She took over in some ways, which I’ll get to in a minute. But then she would also (when she wasn’t working) make food for herself and then hole up in the bedroom she was staying in. Dottie told me she would come home from work, go make herself some dinner and then go right up to the room to eat it, not saying a word to her mother.

When I say, “She (Lucy) took over” I mean that she planted all kinds of things out in the front yard, so that there wasn’t much of a yard anymore, it was a mini jungle. I’m not against plants and flowers and things, but she was there temporarily. And when she moved, it didn’t get attention because their mom wasn’t able to do much of that anymore and Blu and I never had any interest in doing any type of gardening. The only thing Blu did and enjoyed when it came to yard work, was cutting the grass. He cut his mother’s grass as well as ours, but all those plants next door actually made it more difficult to get around the yard with a mower.

And when you have a garden or yard full of plants that you want, you also get a bunch of shit growing that you don’t want.  And when Lucy moved out, no one was there to weed all the overgrowth. I hated it because it took over the space in that yard that Blu and I would used to toss the frisbee back and forth and practice disc golf putting.



Lucy also brought area rugs with her and took it upon herself to lay them where she wanted them.  One day Dottie tripped over one and fell!  I was pissed about this. I found this out one day when I went over to visit. Dottie had a black eye so I asked (obviously) what happened.

I never said anything to Lucy, but I let Dottie know I was angry at Lucy. And asked her to speak up to Lucy and tell her to remove that rug.  I also let Blu know what happened and told him that I was pissed off at Lucy. How dare she lay down an area rug in an elderly person’s house, where she’s not used to an area rug being.   Again, there’s that thoughtless theme.

I’m sorry but what an asshole.

Lucy brought her 4 or 5 cats with her too. And by the time Lucy left, the house stunk so bad of cat piss. At least one of the cats was using the dining room rug as a litter box. It was downright nasty.  Lucy would let the litter boxes get fuller than it should have been. I remember Blu going over to scoop them sometimes and I know that Dottie scooped it too.  One day Dottie and I were talking about it and I said, “You shouldn’t be scooping those boxes.” She replied, “Well if I don’t, it won’t get done.”

Lucy planted a few vegetables in a tiny little plot in the back of Dottie’s house, while staying there. I can only remember cherry tomatoes right now. They would ripen so much, they’d just fall to the ground and rot. If not that, the squirrels were munching and taking them.

So one day when I saw Lucy out front, I asked her if she’d mind if I used some of the tomatoes since so many of them were falling off the bushes and rolling down the driveway. I figured she was aware that she wasn’t eating many of them and that they were rotting, rolling away and feeding the animals. Not that I begrudge the animals, you understand.

She replied with a grating and penetrating voice, the whole neighborhood could’ve heard… “I’d rather you didn’t.”

And that was that. I seem to remember her grinding voice adding something to that, but I don’t remember the rest. I pretty much turned her off after that. I just remember thinking, how ridiculous this woman is.