A Walk, A Haunt and My Birthday

I have finally started getting myself out for walks. Last week I saw a really well decorated house for Halloween but didn’t have my camera. So on Friday, the day before my birthday, I went out for another walk. This time with my camera.

If you click on each photo, you can get a full screen view. Then you should get a magnifying glass type icon with a + inside it. That will give you the capability to look closer at the detail. (if you’re interested. I know not everyone likes this stuff.)

Although I stopped watching horror movies, because they’ve been too much for my PTSD, I still love Halloween. My favorite thing to do or had been, before the intense stress messed me up, was to go and do things like haunted hay rides and haunted houses, where people dressed up like monsters and ghouls and scared the shit out of everyone. I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved it. I remember going through one that was set up in a long trailer in the parking lot at the mall when I was a kid. My brother was younger than me and although he didn’t really like that stuff he went through anyway.

I went through screaming and laughing. My brother cried with fear. At the end, one of the guys that had been in costume came out the other side with us. I don’t remember all details. But he was concerned about my brother so he came out of character to soothe him. It was the sweetest thing. Even came out of the trailer and spoke to my parents in a jovial manner, and wanted to make sure my brother had calmed down. He also had told them how much I’d enjoyed myself.

Even as an adult, I still loved it. By then, most of the time I wasn’t really that scared. I mean sometimes these creatures would make me jump, but not usually. It was just part of the fun. It made it more fun…for me and for the people in costume. I also love to see how they ‘decorate’ the places. The stuff that people do to make these places spooky and scary is amazing.

But it’s been years since I’ve been to one.

One of the last things I did with my mother (for my birthday) was to go to an event with 4 ‘haunted’ buildings all made up to scare people for Halloween. It was fun. I screamed and laughed a lot.

So yeah, I got a kick out of the house in the photos above.

The day after I took the above photos, was my birthday.
I really thought that B forgot. He never said “happy birthday” before he left to get some stuff done.  I loved that he went out though. Because of the stress I feel around him a lot of the time, I was grateful to be left alone yesterday.  However, it turned out that he did remember and brought cake and a card full of goodies.

The night before I had requested a gelati from Rita’s and B stopped and got a couple. I saved mine. It turned out that after I ate dinner, I didn’t really want it.

So it turned out to be the perfect birthday treat as you can see in the video below. I celebrated my birthday with it.

Warning: There is singing. 😀