Finally Followed Thru With My Complaint

It’s been a while but I’ve been afraid. I’ve been too worried about what might happen if I submit a complaint about the two DBT therapists that were negligent in my care, one night during group.

I finally got angry enough to pull out the form and then proof read and edit the document I’d typed out, telling the events of what happened that night.

It was all delivered to the post office today and it is on its way.

I also called the mental health care (insurance) company to ask about filing a complaint with them also.I originally called to ask the process of it and was going to call back. But then I ended up with a really nice customer service agent (or whatever they are) and decided to take advantage of that.

I explained a little about what happened and she entered the info into the system. She then let me know that she is sending a form out for me to fill out and attach the document I have reporting the events of the incident.

This idea was triggered because I received something in the mail from them about submitting complaints. I don’t know if it’s coincidence, synchronicity or that they know about the complaint I started to submit with Department of State Professional Compliance Office.

Next I guess is a phone call to the facility itself where this shit took place. As long as I can stay angry enough to not let my codependence get the best of me again.

So if you want to read about what happened, I’m including a list of posts I’ve written about it.

When A Group DBT Session Goes Wrong  This is the first post post about what happened that night. The comments add some good content as well.

DBT Session Goes Wrong Part 2 This gets into the text I received from one of the therapists the next day, expressing that I need to apologize. Pfft!

Other Things That Have Occurred to Me About the DBT Therapy Situation These are after thoughts and a bit more to what’s going on in my mind about the situation.


9 thoughts on “Finally Followed Thru With My Complaint

  1. You know, you’re right. And I need that reminder now too, thanks.

    I keep meaning to send you a text from my new phone number. The problem is, the only time I think of it is when It’s either way too late your time, or way too early. I need to send myself a reminder text.

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  2. I got it. Thanks. I had been thinking about texting you to see how you were doing before you wrote your first comment on one of my posts. But it got later and later the one night it was on my mind and I never did.

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