Relaxing Rain (Video)

It’s been gray and cloudy here for the last few days. We’ve had sporadic rain and today it is still coming down.

I love it.

For all the tension and misery I lived through in my home environment, concerning my father’s unpredictability, I always had a cozy and warm feeling when it would rain.

Perhaps it was just something as simple as having shelter and a warm bed, physical protection from the elements, that gave me that feeling.Or maybe it was the freedom it represented to me, something I’m only thinking of now.

It stays with me to this day. Rainy days just tend to bring up warm and fuzzy feelings for me.

I used to sit and color when it rained, particularly during thunderstorms. There was a feeling of safety in that.

For four years we lived in a house with a big front porch. When it rained, the three of us (children) would go out and play as if we were on a ship. We’d pretend to fish and dive off the steps into the turbulent ocean.

In warm weather as long as the rain didn’t include a lightning storm, we also played right in it. Nothing like the feeling of wet cool grass and soft ground under your bare feet.

When we belonged to the swim club and it started to rain, we’d keep swimming. The pool stayed open as long as it wasn’t a thunder/lightning storm. The first time I discovered that you can’t feel the rain drops on your skin when you’re already wet from swimming, I was amazed.

I still take comfort in the rain. I love the sound of it falling on the leaves and the way the tires sound as they drive down a wet road. The sounds of the birds add an additional layer of tranquility as well.

Rain always seems to make the world look surreal.

The rain is one of the pleasant triggers from childhood. And I’m grateful for that.


15 thoughts on “Relaxing Rain (Video)

  1. Aw that’s so cool. I’m glad. It’s exhausting to keep remembering nothing but the bad shit.

    Sorry I haven’t responded to your last comment before this one on my post about mothers and mothers day.

    I’m getting to the point of exhaustion again regarding all the pain dished out by our abusive parents.

    I know it might come across as avoidant or rude or even callus, when I don’t acknowledge a comment sometimes. I’m sorry. It gets to be too much to think about sometimes. And I just need to mentally distance myself. Even when I wrote the post in the first place. I worry that what I say or respond will sound trite and sometimes I’m just at a loss for words.

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  2. I love the calm rain too! I used to swim in the lake when it rained or sit under the dock and watch the raindrops. It was just as soothing for me. And loved as a child to play in the rain. I loved this post.

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  3. I was thinking about my mother before I responded to your comment. I’d seen it, didn’t read it right away and went to clean up the kitchen. While cleaning up I thought about how my mom would call me weird for liking the rain. I started to comment back about then instead wrote a post. I’ve got to get these critics out of my mind.


  4. if you are weird then i am weird too. Lets just say you and I are both perfectly normal and your mom is the horrid human being who put these thoughts in your mind that aren’t true!
    When my daughter was little we would take the dogs for a walk in the rain. We lived next to this park that had lots of woods and trails and we would just run around in the rain. Looking back the dogs kind of hated it. Looked all squinty eyed like why do you have us in the rain and we’d get all dirty. It was so fun. Your moms words were lies

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  5. I don’t like the thunder or the lightening or storms but just plain ole rain I love. Especially in the heat of the summer and the steam comes off the road and the grass smells sweet

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  6. Thank you. I’m smiling at what you and your daughter did together in the rain. It sounds like so much fun. I have walked dogs in the rain. Both types. Those who hated it and those who loved it.

    Some dogs wouldn’t budge on the leash and others, like this one big Golden Retriever would just walk through puddles. 😀

    Thanks for your kind words and comment. It helped me to remember walking dogs in the rain was sometimes fun too. (I’m mostly talking about when I was pet sitting. )

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  7. Yes!! I love the smell of the rain on the grass too. Even on the road too, although it’s a little musty, I like it anyway because it just ‘smells like rain.’

    I do like thunder and lightning too. As long as I’m inside safe and cozy. The though of getting struck by lightning definitely crosses my mind if I’m caught in it. What I don’t like is when the wind is all blustery when it’s raining real hard because that’s too likely to end in a power outage. Funny, I used to enjoy power outages with I was a kid too. Not so much anymore.


  8. One of the dogs loved the rain. One squinted and acted like the grass was glass and tiptoed on it. She hated anything wet! We had to blow her dry because she hated to be wet. That was one wild dog!
    What’s funny is I used to …this will sound crazy…love to be out in the midddle of the lake when a storm came. I’d be swimming home and the lightening would strike and thunder booming and I would lay on my back in the water and look up at it all. I have no idea why i was so mesmerized and not scared. Ofcourse i was also swimming with alligators but those I didn’t see!
    You know what I love is the smell of rain BEFORE it rains. When you know the rain is coming. I don’t know how many people can smell it or notice it but it is right before the rain falls. I love that smell and then the first few minutes it hits the ground


  9. I remember being chased out of the pool when storms hit when we were belonged to the swim club. I was always so disappointed that I had to stop swimming or my mom would call me in from the yard if the rain came with lightning. I was always like, “Why.??”

    I think as kids we are more fearless because we don’t have the experience that tells us that we should be scared or cautious or whatever.

    The idiosyncrasies of different dogs cracks me up. It’s funny and cute that you blow dried your dog that didn’t liek being wet.

    When I would bathe Jinjer she would run around like a nut and rub her nose all over everything. She’d do the same thing after a walk in the rain, even though I had dried her off.

    During thunderstorms she’d hide behind the toilet. It would break my heart and even if I got her out from behind there, she’d go back. Sometimes I’d find her in the tub too during a storm. Poor thing. She was already a senior do when I adopted her so I have no idea what environment she had come from.

    I think I know what you mean about the smell before it rains. I’ve noticed it. It’s that same musty smell I pick up from the road if I’m near it, esp when it’s hot out. Like the humidity has a scent to it. Idk. Hard to explain.


  10. Awwww Jinjer!!!!!! Hiding behind the toilet!!!
    Its sooo funny you mentioned rubbing her nose. Molly did the same. Even after she was dry we’d put a towel on the floor for her and she rub her nose all over it then the couch then the bed as if it magically fixed everything. I think the only thing she didnt care about was thunder and lightening. She was scared of everything else. Who knows what happened to her before we got her. Same as know next to our house that huge pile of rocks that the foxes live in? She used to run down there and run around that area wild in circles like it was a track and then jump up the rocks like a lion. It was so cool to watch her.
    My neighbor has a thunder shirt for his dog. My husband then said he needed to get me a thunder shirt for life! I’m guessing they don’t help the dog and most likely would not help me.
    I used to let my daughter play in the sprinkler with her friends when she was little and we had a swing so they’d swing through it. Such joy from a sprinkler. Anyway one dog would run from it ,molly because she hated being wet and jessy would attack it and bite it. I love the different personalities of animals


  11. So many pet memories. I love that. These are making me smile. Not the ones where they are scared but the other ones. Thank you for sharing. Both your dogs sound so awesome. I would’ve loved to meet them.

    Jinjer was afraid of any loud, sudden noise. So even clapping would make her jump sometimes. Fireworks of course were also scary. I went through a phase of eating walnuts in the shell. It got to a point she’d slink off the couch when she saw me with the back and the nutcracker. Poor thing.

    After the thunder shirt came out I thought immediately of Jinjer who was of course long gone. But I wondered if it would’ve worked. I may have tried it back then, to see if it would calm her.

    Have you seen them on dogs to see? I wouldn’t think they’d work for humans. Lol…our brains are too smart for that.

    I feel really lucky that thunder still doesn’t really scare me. The first big loud one can sometimes make me jump but that’s not really new and I don’t think it’s from the trauma. I also don’t mind fireworks either. Idk how that works but it would be hell on holidays. Turns out this twp sets them off not far from here on certain holidays. And if not for trees I would be able to see them right from my bedroom window. I’m sure there will be some on Monday.

    Swinging through a sprinkler sound like fun even now. Lol. Reminds me of my next door neighbor/best friend’s swing set when I was really little. No older than 5. She had a sliding board on the swing set and then in the summer she’d have these tiny little pools. I used to try to set it up so we could slide down and land in the pool, because we had access to the hose too. But it never really worked, much to my frustration.


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