A Bike, Tom, A Legless Man and Ozzy

Tom (and old boyfriend of mine) riding/driving a bicycle and I was on his shoulders apparently. But then there was a switch, when we got to this particular spot and it seemed like I was on the seat too, where we had to go through two glass doors.

There was a guy walking in front of us wearing a trench coat and a fedora hat.  He opened the door for us. But from a position so that he stayed in front of us and also opened the second door. The bike was slowing down so balancing was difficult and getting shaky.  After the guy in front of us opened the second door for us. The bike got really wobbly then and we didn’t make it out the door.  It started to poor and he “stood” right there at the door, his back to us, looking to the side as if looking for something or someone.

As I looked at the guy out there on the other side of the glass door, he suddenly had no legs and was just hovering there at the same height.   At first I mistook the rain for him peeing himself. But it quickly became apparent that the buckets of rain were engulfing his coat and then falling off in a blanket type pattern.

We didn’t want to get soaked so we decided to wait it out.  There was a waiting type area inside where we were out of the way of the doors so we/I went over there to the bench that ran the perimeter of this area. I felt this loneliness as I dismounted the bike. I lifted a cat off my back, which was supposed to be Ozzy, but it was just before I woke up and all I saw was the back of him.

A Tiger in Town

I had a dream last night (or probably early this morning) about a tiger. I’m still shaking my head, because I can’t believe it, given the name of the blog.

I watched an old episode of Oprah last night before going to sleep. It was the one when she had Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter) on along with a bunch of other animals, which included a couple of baby tigers.  I’m sure there’s more of a message in here than what’s on the surface. Something was already stirring in my subconscious. The show just gave my brain more tools so to speak to work with.

I was walking around the town I grew up in at night. It was down around an area where there are a couple small parks. Apparently the tiger had gotten out of where he was supposed to stay and tracked me down. When I saw him I was worried for him and myself. I didn’t want anyone else to see him and so I walked him back to what equates to a shelter.

The tiger and I were heading down this one street, past one of the parks and up ahead where this road comes to a T, I could see groups of people walking on the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street. (In real life this goes toward a train station.)

I got nervous but we kept walking because all I could think of was getting him back and hidden again.

We rounded the corner, where this group of people were walking across the street from us and just kept going. Of course the tiger didn’t care. He was completely unaware of consequences. But me, I kept my head down and hoped no one would say anything.

When we got to the corner, the tiger crossed the street alone ( a different street where the people were and it came to another T)   and went into a hole in the ground, that looked like a gigantic ant hill. It led up into a grass covered mound, where he had to stay to keep hidden from the public in order to stay safe.

I turned after watching him disappear into the hole and thought to myself, “Please stay in there. Please stay in there.”  I was expecting him to come back out but hoping he wouldn’t because it meant that harm could possibly come to him.

I remember another part of the dream where a woman was mad at me for keeping him hidden and that it was more important for me to keep him safe than to keep humans safe. I forget exactly what she said, but it was something like, “So you don’t care if people get hurt” But I think she was specifically referring to her kids.

She was sitting in a car while she was saying this, and I was at a telephone booth. And when she spoke to me, I turned around just before putting money in the slot. I listened to what she said and I said, “Well I can’t say that it’s something that won’t happen.”