Anyone Know Anything About the Logistics of Reporting Bad Therapists?

Now that some time has gone by, I’m doing some serious thinking about reporting the two therapists from my DBT group, one having been my individual therapist.

The one who was the active asshole in the incident was not my individual therapist. My individual therapist however, did just stand back and allow it to happen. The passive one. (Codependent I would say if I ventured a guess as she seems to give a lot of fucks what people think of her.)

I’m not going to tell the whole story again. I wrote two posts about it back when it happened. It probably needs some work but you can read about it here and here.

I have found some pretty decent information about how to report, as in what to say, which is to keep emotion out of it, don’t educate anyone and just stick to facts of what happened.

Thing is, I’m not finding much info on where to go or how much time I have to report it. I know there is a statute of limitations, which I need to find out first.

I’m in PA. Southeastern PA. I don’t live in the nearest city and did not receive this shitty treatment in the city. Therapy happened within the same county, but two different towns.

Another thing that really annoys me (well not REALLY annoys but annoys me a little) is that almost all the info on reporting therapists for abusive behavior pertains to sexual abuse. Which is good! Don’t get me wrong. That is worse than what happened to me. I fully acknowledge that. I read a story or two on that happening and just reading about it is traumatizing. I would be beyond devastated if that happened to me.

I was not sexually abused by these therapists. But they still caused me a lot of distress and even saw the distress that I was caused. I  I was emotionally abused and I would also put the incident under psychological abuse. That is what I want to report. What they did was not sexual abuse, but it was still quite harmful. And if they behaved the same toward someone else, someone younger, someone in an even more frail condition than I was in, well, it could have some irreversible consequences for that person. And if my reporting that could stop that, well, I feel that I should do that.

In addition, I feel that this could be a necessary thing for part of my own healing process. I have been walked on and treated like crap my entire life by so many people and frankly I’m tired of people getting away with it because I “let it go,” walk away with my tail between my legs and never speak up about this kind of shit.

I don’t necessarily think that what happened to me is cause for either of the therapists to lose their licenses, but  I do think their behavior needs some attention. Although it’s true I would not have wanted to have been stopped from running out of the building at the time, my desire to do so could’ve been doused by knowledgeable and decent therapists.  Instead I drove home (a half hour drive) crying uncontrollably.

Not only was I not treated correctly by the therapists present at the time, my trauma and I were not taken into consideration one iota when some elusive team I have never met decided that I was the one who needed to make amends to be able to continue attending the program.

If nothing comes of it, I at least know I did my part in bringing attention to their very irresponsible behavior.  And if I was the mother of a kid who this happened to, you can bet I’d make a bunch of noise and probably would have already reported it.


22 thoughts on “Anyone Know Anything About the Logistics of Reporting Bad Therapists?

  1. I’m so glad that you are looking into doing this. For all the reasons you stated, reporting those two therapists is a great idea.

    I don’t know how to go about doing that, however. I will ask my daughter if she knows, being that she is a therapist in training. She is in Washington state, though, which may have a different system.

    I haven’t been doing much in the blog world lately. I woke up a few minutes ago and thought “I wonder how my friend Sleeping Tiger is doing?” So I logged onto WP specifically to find that out. 😁

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  2. ❤ Aw thanks. Good to see you. I think about pretty regularly. 🙂

    It makes me nervous to think about it but I think it's the right thing to do if I can keep my courage about it up and do it before the statute of limitations is up.

    I found the handbook given to me when I first started the program at the facility that states clients' rights. It's two pages in small print. I have to read through it…albeit with a magnifying glass…first.

    I will start with the number given on those pages and see where that takes me. I also feel the need to write everything out before I call and be prepared to answer the question they will likely ask me…"Why didn't you report it when it first happened?"

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  3. It sounds like you have everything well thought out. As for why you did not report it right away — when I was in my late thirties I went to see a therapist who treated me so rudely during our one and only appointment, that I left there feeling like I was absolutely hopeless and worthless. Too “crazy” for a psychiatrist to waste his time on. It took me years to figure out that the problem was 100% him, not me. And even longer for me to feel strong enough to report the jerk. By then, I knew he was either retired or dead, so there was no point, even if there were no statues of limitations.

    You, my friend, amaze me at how relatively quickly you are ready to take action! Yaay you!!

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  4. Thanks for the support! I don’t know how ‘ready’ I actually am. But I do think it’s the right thing to do. Quite honestly I’m terrified. There isn’t much about reporting non-sexual abuse on line (which would really be helpful to read more about) and the way I was treated is kind of hard to describe. But I’m going to try and then leave it in their court.

    I know I didn’t report it because I just assumed it was pointless and futile. I didn’t know where to go and I was so blind sided by his behavior that it took me some time to recover enough to think that was an option.

    I may not say all that and just keep it simple and say that I thought I’d be judged, assumed I would not be believed, which would cause more trauma than I’d already been dealing with.

    Why now? Because how I was treated was wrong. And I think these two (and their precious team) should be held accountable and become aware of the damage that was done as a result of their behavior and their ruling on what my ‘punishment’ should be when it wasn’t even me that did something wrong. Here’s where I need to read clients’ rights though, because my emotions need to stay out of it when I articulate myself on this and that is not easy.

    Anyway, again, thank you for the support. It means a lot. And I’m sorry that happened to you.

    The more therapists I am exposed to, by my own experience and the stories I read and hear from other people’s experiences, the more I am convince we’d do better figuring out what works for ourselves as individuals.

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  5. Oh my gosh! Look at this! All the googling I did this did not come up. That was really nice of you to spend that time looking into this. THANK YOU so much. This is a good place to start in addition to the facility itself. Yay!


  6. I kept trying different ways of putting it to google world. It has an address listed so I thought shoot you could probably send a complain there straight to the top!

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  7. You know what though, I don’t know the last name of the therapist that was actually the one I want to complain about . I know my individual therapist’s last name but not his. I am hoping I can get that name when I call in the complaint to the facility itself. Otherwise, I’m not sure how reliable I will seem if I don’t have his last name for that letter.


  8. If you email me more info i bet i can find it. I love the challenge of finding information. Like the group name and the city, etc i will try !

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  9. Oooo, yeah. That sounds good to me. I will do that. I am really tired right now so I’m going to sign off and go to bed.

    B and I have some plans tomorrow but if I get a chance to do it tomorrow I will. And if not tomorrow, definitely by Monday.

    Oh my gosh, this is great. Thank you so much.


  10. I would So love to help. I’m glad you have plans. It will be raining all day tomorrow but I’m still going to try and get my B to take me to the cuban place I like to just get out. I hope you have a nice day. Email me whenever you want. I really want to help. I searching for things at night too because no distractions and I will just follow one little lead after another

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  11. That last part made me smile. So excited. 🙂
    Tomorrow is just necessity type stuff. Going through stuff in the basement in storage. Hoping to get a bunch together to donate to a local thrift store. Plus grocery store for a few things. Would like to get there early to beat any possible (probable) crowd.


  12. saturday is grocery day here. Sunday is usually go find a picture place but tomorrow i just want to eat out at a $16 total meal for 2.
    That’s so great you are donating. In hindsight i should have donated to a worthy cause but i donated by dragging things with bungee cords behind my wheelchair to the end of the driveway. I wondered as i watched people pick out old dolls and framed paintings and clothes , who they were for

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  13. I can picture that so well, you dragging stuff out to the curb like that.

    Seriously, it’s so much easier to do that anyway. I would wonder about that too. Have second thoughts too probably. I like to look stuff up on ebay first to see if it’s worth anything, if I’m feeling motivated.

    In fact, some of the stuff that B needs to part with is not really worth donating. But there might be more stuff. I don’t know. I probably have stuff too but I’ve donated a lot of stuff already and would like to see what’s worth selling on ebay.

    B has a lot of old cassette tapes, VHS tapes that he recorded radio shows onto, concerts, etc. The tapes are warbly, warped, just ruined. They are probably salvageable for someone who wants to put the time and has the disposable income to put the money into it.

    He has some hoarding issues. He had stacks of newspapers dating back God knows when. He said he wanted to get around to reading them sometime. Never happened and I finally was able to get him to dump them in the recycle bin.

    So stuff like that isn’t getting donated. I can’t even remember what all is down there. Too much stuff is all I know.


  14. I put a table on a dolly and then hooked that up to bungee cords. Anyone watching either thought “man that girl is smart” or ” man that girl is angry” hard to know. Huge area rugs, tables, a beautiful quilt. Oh I am sure I could have gotten tons of money for it all. But that wasn’t the point in the moment. Later ofcourse it was but I wouldn’t have wanted to use money from any of that anyway. I just needed it out of my house and figured someone could use it and it was gone so quickly!
    As for the junk I need to get rid of…well that’s still here!

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  15. Lol to your last sentence. It seems to be a human problem. Haha. Not sure how much is going to get done today. I am feeling really tired and depressed. I know exactly what is at the bottom of it too. I won’t go into it because it’s not just one thing. But I may get into it when I email you.

    I remember us talking about that before, you dragging your stuff out. I remember being impressed by the physical strength involved for that. Anger can work wonders.

    I know what you mean about just wanting it out. It’s not about the money, etc. And if you did get money for it, it would just feel toxic and evil.

    Plus the energy of the thing(s)…what it does to you when you look at it. How it makes you feel. So even if open to the money, stuff takes time to sell and in the meantime you’re still looking at it, still surrounded by the energy of it and the person who it came from. (That’s how it is for me anyway, when I quickly get rid of certain things.)

    Other times I’ve told myself that I deserve the compensation for the distress and pain. Ugh! That just illustrates the desperation of my continuing situation too though,which disturbs me.

    I still have things that I go back and forth on so I have my issues with getting rid of stuff.

    I think I’m going to email you soon.

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  16. I was out taking pictures.I felt trapped. Had to get out! Got some really sweet wildflower and squirrel ones I will post later. I wonder sometimes. Do people give a shit that I post photos. I mean it is part of what I like to do and it is my coping skill for PTSD so I hope it isn’t annoying. I was just telling be my blog this month is down 4000 views from every month before so obviously I’m doing something wrong but hey, this is my life, so…yeah…Ok gonna read your email now.
    I’m so sorry you are so tired and down. Sometimes going through old things can stir things up too.
    Yeah i feel like if i got money for any of that…well hindsight shit i should have gotten money and donated it for a good cause. Oh well. Out of sight is what i neeed. But. I totally hear you. The situation and desperation is something that i so understand.


  17. I’m all for getting outside. I don’t blame you, it gets stuffy inside.

    Wow, yeah, that’s a big drop in views. I guess some reading for the stories and your history aren’t always interested in the photos.

    I love the photos.

    I can’t speak for anyone else but I think it’s a niche thing on the internet. Do you follow and comment on other people’s blogs that post photos? If you do that on more photo blogs, you might get more interest. Do you follow any professional photographers? That also might get you some attention, if you comment on some of their blogs too.


  18. I usually have the handful of people like you that I always read the blogs. I don’t read other photographers or comment usually. Mostly focus on the topic I started my blog on and supporting others that are going through the same thing.
    I think it MAY be that I deactivated facebook and I posted my blog on there and so every person from my hometown could just click on it and all my “friends” on fb could click on it and it was easy and that’s been gone over a month so maybe that is part of it
    I’m not really INTO photography though it’s more the idea of it and what it does to my brain and how it helps me cope with depression and anxiety.
    I’m really glad you love the photos!
    But when I write about long things that are about trauma I barely ever got comments anyway. So I don’t really know about blogging and what people do. I don’t really care about stats I just pondered it because I looked at it and thought hmmmmm ok then. In the last few weeks i havent read many blogs though. If i get overwhelmed I just can’t read anything. I have to shut off and shut down and cocoon myself.
    Oh well. Anyway. If only a few read it then that’s all that matters really

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