Looking at the Date

I just glanced at the date. Of course I know what day it is. But it’s not always on my mind.

I was looking at the weather. It’s snowing here. It’s going down to 18 tonight and I have DBT group.

I’ve put a shit ton of money into fixing my car in recent months so I am not going to chance slipping and sliding in the ice.  That money came from a savings account that was to go toward moving out of the shit hole we presently live in.

So much for that.

But it was while looking at a weather website to gauge whether I should venture out tonight, when the date registered.

It’s my mother’s birthday.


9 thoughts on “Looking at the Date

  1. I ‘liked’ your comment to acknowledge it. I didn’t even think about it til later in the day. And have been trying not to think about it since I dumped it here. I succeeded for the most part. (And I don’t blame your comment. lol)

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  2. It snowed that day and I was supposed to go to DBT group. Then it got really cold and I was concerned about icy conditions so I texted my therapist and told her I wasn’t coming…to group but I’d be at our scheduled one on one appointment the next day.

    That morning (Wed) I went out to warm my car up and went back inside. When I went back out (after plenty of time that it should’ve warmed up) it was still cold inside and icy snow was still on my windshield and back window. I had to scrape it all off and it was still icy and hard to scrape.

    I figured my heater conked out and was going to go to my appointment anyway and drive without heat. While driving, I called my mechanic. The car had actually just been in for another repair a week ago so I was hoping maybe it was them and they had messed something up during the repair. Because then they’d fix it and I wouldn’t have to spend money yet again for a repair on my car.

    I told him the heater wasn’t working and he asked me where the temp gage was and when I told him (It was at the 3/4 mark closer to hot), he said to get it into him right away because it’s running hot. And that I risk more damage if I continue to drive it.

    So I missed my therapy appointment. It turns out it had been leaking anti-freeze. Luckily they had a loaner car and I took that home overnight. I used it today to run an errand to the health food store.

    But no, I wasn’t able to get out on my mother’s birthday. Long story to explain all that. Lol.

    I just kind of put it out of my mind but then mentioned it to B later that night that it was my mother’s b’day. And that was the end of that. I numbed myself I think or maybe I really don’t give a shit anymore. Idk. It was kind of a shame in a way I didn’t get to discuss it with my therapist.


  3. Yes, the 15th. Woke up early, mad. Then thankfully fell back asleep until 1:30 in the afternoon and feel much calmer about the whole thing. Thanks for caring

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