I Do Not Understand

*Seriously harsh language.

How is it that psychopaths and sociopaths get away with making lives of people they don’t know so damn miserable???

The fucking jack off who lives next door pulls into the fucking parking lot next door with his music blaring and sometimes he keeps it on while he fiddles once again with the fucking speakers in his car.

Last Saturday he was out there from 5pm til about 10pm with just a tone coming through the speakers.

This bullshit started in October after living in this shit hole for a little over a year. I complained about it one day, to the asshole landlady, thinking she might care about her tenants quality of life in the apartment she rents out.

That’s the biggest un-funny joke ever.

She texted back that she hadn’t even noticed it, that she can’t do anything about it even if she had and then advised me to go talk to him if it was bothering me.

You know, fuck you Nasty! I don’t  need the mommy advice. I’m a big girl who already thought of that. Duh. And in fact did that.

He did seem to calm down for some weeks, only pulling in with the music blasting, maybe listening for 5 minutes and then going inside. But it didn’t last. Even that was intrusive and disturbing but it was better than it had been and what it has/had become.

I’m not sure what it will continue as because this fuck-head is unpredictable as fuck.

At 11:03 tonight I heard and felt the blast, which let me know he was home. It continued for a little while and I think he is gone now. But who the fuck knows, he could be back.

His presence and this problem takes a lot of my energy. My mind and body are in constant anticipation for it now. It’s a really shitty way to live. He can be out there with it blasting for various amounts of time and the times are always different.  I was ready to actually leave tonight when he pulled in. The plan was to go to Whole Foods but then when it continued to be ‘quiet’, I just stuck around.

One night a few weeks ago, I saw him out in his car, fucking with his speakers, after it had been fairly peaceful for a few weeks. The next day is when the super vibration started.  And then he was out there again last night, readjusting yet again. (Video below.)

I have a feeling he may now be making a point to blast his shit, to get “back at” a woman in his building (which is next door to us). There was one Sunday that he was working on those fucking speakers and the music was up and down and when the volume was up, so was the bass. It shook our apartment over here.

What the actual fuck??? How is the landlord over there letting this piece of trash do this shit??? Never mind, don’t answer that. I’ve had enough landloads to know they don’t give one fuck about their tenants peace and enjoyment. I had a slumlord once who allowed a sick and loud ass alcoholic live in his building. This asshole would be up at all hours with his stereo blaring and then he’d pound on the walls and the floor…all this at 3 am. I worked and went to school when I lived there. My apt was in front of his And there was a young woman with a toddler, who lived next to him. And the scumbag landlord let this trash live there.

I swear I attract this shit. And in that situation it was kind of the same because I’d been living there for a while before that sick fuck moved in and started disturbing the peace. And same thing happened here.

Anyway, back to present day shit hole and that aforementioned Sunday… I heard a woman’s voice yell out a window to that piece of shit, “Turn it down!”

And like a punk, he whined, “I am.” Like a little boy whose mother just told him to stop doing something he still wanted to do.

The woman is in a second floor apartment over there and that apartment is right across from ours. She lives there with her child so, how do you imagine she feels when this fuck-wad pulls in at 11pm blaring music not giving one shit about anyone else.

My feeling is that he has it in for her. Because I doubt that was the only time she said something to him. She has a kid, so…

I don’t know, maybe she complained. Maybe she called the cops. But he pulls up right under her window now each night and has been parking there pretty regularly. And when he does, I’ve noticed and heard him give the volume knob one big turn (you know like, for good measure) and then turn it down and off.

I mean it could be me he’s after too. I approached and said something to him face to face one night while he was out there being a nuisance. But  it was fairly peaceful. I mean I was visibly bothered by it, but I kept my cool and there was no yelling by either side.

But he knows I live here and it’s just really convenient for him because where he parks is right between the two of us women who dared speak up and call him out on his fucked up behavior.

How the fuck is it that shit always works out for the worst people on the planet?

This was last night and there’s a shit ton of traffic on our road. Yet another thing that works in his favor because if I take these videos to the cops they won’t hear his shitty music and how loud it actually is.


7 thoughts on “I Do Not Understand

  1. I can definitely relate to your experience. I’m very sensitive to sound and when the sound comes from a source that I have no control over it literally makes me crazy and it makes me really angry. Especially vibrating bass. It is the worst. Right now I live beneath people I call the stomping trolls. It infuriates me. I’m the parent of a fourteen year old and I think his biggest memory from childhood will be me saying “turn it down!”.


  2. Put a note on his door when he isn’t home. Don’t let him know who you are, but say you have videos of him disturbing the peace and violating noielse ordinance, and now you’re going to start calling the cops every single time he decides to blast his shit music after 9:00 at night. There are reasons that there are laws for this crap. Inconsiderate asshole.


  3. It sounds like a good idea but I’m almost certain it won’t make any difference. He seems to be a bit of a sociopath from what I’m seeing. So that would just fuel his fucked in the head fire.

    He is also in an apartment building so I can’t get to his door. And even if I could I don’t know his name so there’s no figuring it out from the mailboxes.

    The noise ordinance is from 7-10 but since he’s out there sometimes at 11 with quick blasts, it’s difficult to enforce it. If I call the cops and he’s gone by the time they get there, there is nothing they will do. I mean they don’t come anyway.


  4. Seriously…what is he doing in his car for 5 hours!!!!!!! Blaring music. I mean that is just straight up dick behavior.
    This situation sucks badly.
    I’d leave a note on his car too. Every single day. And on his door! Everyone needs to get together and go at this in group mode. If he got multiple notes maybe that would do something.
    Either way it would be so unnerving. It would give me so much anxiety just not knowing is it gonna be tonight, is it not, when will it be. I’m so sorry this asshole is around STILL


  5. He lives there in the building next to ours. Apparently the landlord is ok with this. He does it every night. I take video, B says he’s gonna call the cops every time but I don’t expect much to happen. We’ve called twice now and the cops have not shown up.

    You’re right it’s dick behavior and it’s being done intentionally. Any attempt at stopping it escalates it. So it’s difficult to try anything like leaving notes, which I don’t think will do anything but make it even worse. We need to get out of here, period. Which will take some time unfortunately.

    And what you said it would do to you…it’s doing the same to me. It adds to my figurative paralysis. I just can’t imagine being a landlord and knowing this was going on and then allowing it. I would not allow it. He’d be out. I would not risk my other tenants enjoyment of their property.


  6. Well she is NASTY so she has no concept of preserving the rights of everyone else. Just getting her money obviously.
    Yeah. Some people the more you do the more they retaliate.
    I wish you had more options. I hate that this is happening

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  7. I hate it too. It’s exhausting. I’ve lived too many places with noise issues. Nasty said she can’t do anything about it when I texted her to say something about it. I wanted it on record that I spoke up to her. But she isn’t his landlord. She truly can’t do anything. I was actually hoping she knew the landlord next door and would maybe talk to him. But she also said she didn’t notice it. She’s kind of oblivious so it’s a tough call on whether that would be true or not. I don’t see how she could miss that banging but I did text her before it got as bad as that. So who knows. The only answer is to work toward getting out of here. Which won’t be soon enough.


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