Noise Nuisance Neighbor

Just as I begin to adjust to this place, this happens:  I apologize for the bouncy camera work. It was a quick grab of the camera to record this noise.  The big bang sounds you hear at about the 1:05 mark, that is the bass vibrating from his speakers.

This guy is a freak about his sound system. He spent hours on perfecting the sound back in the autumn. One night last week, I saw him out there fiddling around yet again, tools strewn all over the inside of the car. (I could see from my vantage point, which is my living room window, and where he was parked that particular night. He is pretty much in the same spot he is in, in this video but I am taking this video from my bedroom window. And I just so happened to zoom in on his license plate.

Unfortunately, capturing this on a camera mic doesn’t really translate all that well. But it’s what I’ve got. I am also competing with the traffic on the road in front of my building (which is the back of his building). It’s a main road. Not a highway but pretty heavily traveled, especially at the rush hours.

I recorded again last night (this was two nights ago) and while recording, called 911 (because that’s our only option here) and when I played back the recording, I could hear his stereo in the back ground really loud. I wonder if the guy I spoke to at 911 could hear it as I spoke to him.

If the cops came, I didn’t see them. If they came, he was likely gone by the time they showed up.

I can’t seem to get away from those who display anti-social and sociopathic behavior. I’m like a fucking magnet to such horrible neighbors.

Those with super sonic ears, could you tell me what is whispered at the end of the video please?
Just after he sings the last verse (out of synch I may add) I whisper something. I think it might be: “I guess he thinks he can sing” but I want to be sure.

I also am thinking about sharing this on FB since it’s a local thing.  I’m not sure that having his license plate displayed though would be OK.


32 thoughts on “Noise Nuisance Neighbor

  1. Rude ass people. I guess nobody told him that after high school, that shit isn’t considered cool anymore. Plus his music sucks. Not even system worthy. I tried to understand what you said, but all I could really hear is “I guess” …

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  2. Haha, it’s says a lot to think he’d need someone to tell him. Thanks for trying to make out the end.

    I forgot to mention that the battery died as I was recording, when he slammed his car door for the final time to go inside. It was crazy timing.

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  3. Oh it translated just fine!!!!! How insensitive, rude. Here we have laws, noise ordinances against that. I would never ever be able to sleep there. Not a wink. I’d blow a fuse. Lose it.
    What an asshole!!!!!!


  4. Do you think your hub would put a stop to it? There’s laws and ordinances here too. But the cops don’t rush over here for that small of a complaint.

    I’ve lived in worse circumstances. I’ve written about that. Every place I’ve lived since I moved out has been it’s own little piece of hell. The only place that I feel like I didn’t appreciate enough is the place before here.

    It’s different each night now with this guy I now call “Speaker Boy”. Tonight he pulled in and was blaring away. Someone else pulled in and he wasn’t out there as long as he was last night. I have a video of that too. Now I just wait to see what happens tomorrow. And I’ll get that on video too if I’m here. Might as well.

    Can you make out what I say at the end?


  5. He used to go to them all the time and would tell them to turn it down. I can’t remember if they get a warning then a citation or not. The place we lived before here the music would boom and vibrate my windows. I never slept. Ever. It was awful. I can hear you the whole time. But i had head phones in. I saw the other person could only hear a few words. Your voice is very sweet for how pissed you are!!!!!! It’s cool you got his license. Turn that sucker in if it doesn’t stop and have them contact him. Say it is a nightly occurrence.


  6. So you know what it’s like first hand. Awful, you’re not kidding.

    I wanted to get his noise in, not my own. Lol. I also didn’t want him to know I was there.

    Can you tell what the last thing is I say on the recording?

    I feel like I need to gather evidence with the camera. There’s a whole building over there with other tenants. I’m sure others must have a problem with it too. There’s a couple kids that live in the building too. Some of the people might be getting woken up when he pulls in like that at 9, 10 and even 11pm.


  7. Let me go back and listen to the whole thing and i will tell you exactly what i hear. Hold on a sec i will re listen.
    Oh yeah. I know first hand. Riht now my neihbor behind me is building a new fence. He decided to throw his old fence over and crush all the little trees on my property. He constantly screams at his FIVE dogs. My other neihbor told me the other day that she doesn’t understand because they obviously do NOT listen to the man so why he insists on screaming for 10 min i do not know. This early AM I had to hear bashing that woke me up even with a box fan on. I’m already distressed they will wake me up early again because only part of his fence is done. But yeah the old place boom music every single night. We called all the time.


  8. “10pm monday night. Jesus.” then i can think you said “i guess” but i couldn’t make out the rest. i turned it up really loud. i can hear him just being obnoxious singing along i mean just obviously doing that to be an asshole .
    You documented it well. Especially the like crashing sounds. This jerk!

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  9. You called all the time but nothing happened?
    That sucks about your neighbor now. And here I’m thinking you live in a quiet area. That’s what I get for assuming. Sorry.

    I have a box fan too. You can’t escape that vibration. Nothing hides or covers that. I think that’s one of the things I said on the video. But that was in the middle of the video when you hear the really big first bang. That first one scared the shit out of me. It was a new level of vibration.


  10. I know right! He’s beyond jerk. I said, “Jesus” when the loud bang came up the first time. It scared the crap out of me. I had just jumped, like all hyper-vigilant. It was that freaking loud.

    Yeah, that shout-y singing is just obnoxious and out of synch. So I’m thinking that I said, “I guess he thinks he can sing.” Lol. That would be something I’d say in a situation like this.


  11. Oh they came out every time we called.
    It was the neighborhood we were in though. So many played music at night.
    We actually live in a really quiet neighborhood. We each have an acre and there is an empty acre next to us that the foxes live in. But behind us we have the screamer! I can’t hear him in the house but when we sit outside you can’t NOT hear him. Then cattycorner to us is the police hot spot. They are there every other weekend it seems. It is terrible. We have no idea why. But they are there with K-9 and everything. Then we have asshole neighbor that i wrote about that doesnt think wheelchair should be in the road way. Total dick. Then we have nice neighbor turned creepy neighbor who told me about his erecile dysfunction.
    So yep. I think in every neighborhood you just have something!
    But we also have mostly quiet. So much wild life andd woods and trees and some really sweet neighbors back here. We are at the end of the road so there are two houses past us . Then one road behind us, the screamer, then there is the prairie


  12. We MAYYYYY. Mock him… a LOT!!!! The other day I wanted my imaginary cook and maid to clean the house and make dinner and I started screaming for her like the screamer and named her one of his dog’s names. …when people push you to do your own kind of crazy! I’m telling you!!! We sing loudly Pocahontas songs on the deck when he is screaming. Now that his fence is down he is probably like oh CRAP that place is a mess, hurry guys get this back up!!! Bc it was a privacy fence so he coudln’t see our yard we can only see the top of his head which makes it all funnier. And his dog’s names are so odd. Like Lance. Who names their dog Lance! Lucy, Bella, OMG we can’t remember the other 2. You’d think they’d be our heads forever but I just asked my daughter and she can’t remember either.


  13. I just realized this morning that my cynical and sarcastic humor didn’t quite translate in my comments. I completely agree with him purposely being an asshole. He is so obviously pissed off about something and behaving in an aggressive passive aggressive way. (That’s the best way I can describe it.) My guess on that is it has something to do with people complaining about the loud music in the first place and his response to that was, “Oh you think this is loud? I’ll give ya loud.” And then tinkered with the speakers so that they rattle and vibrate even more intensely and loud than before. He’s a fucking child…in an adult body.

    But me saying, “I guess he thinks he can sing.” Is my way of being funny in a shit situation. Lol.


  14. So today….for a further update…the men working on the fence did not know that while the owner of the house was paying them WE were in face in the house behind them and were HOME. I mean do they think everyone works????? So I was watching them build this fence and doing a shit ass job of it too mind you. No cement for the posts and kicking dirt to make it level. So one guy comes around the fence on our side thinking no one will see him at the person paying him’s house and he pees ALL over the fence he is building. I was like OMG!!!!!! My daughter is like mom why are you yelling and I said bc the guy building the fence is PEEING ON IT!!!!
    So they go back to building and we finally for the first time see little Lance and Lucy and all the other dogs. I thought they were all those tiny dogs chiuaua. No idea how to spell that. But they were varying sizes. The owners walk up to our burn pile on the other other side of their fence and stand there awhile looking at it. No doubt wondering if we burn it will it soot up their perfectly white prison fence. I am totally serious. That thing is like 12 feet tall and it looks like a prison wall. All of my woods photos now will have a white prison wall in the background!!!!!
    Plus my baby book did not completely burn and so it says twin on it and is still on the top of the pile. Gotta wonder what they talked about that. It was obviously a baby book. They were probably like SHIT HURRY UP AND FINISH THIS FENCE GUYS!!! Bc their road is the 600,000 thousand dollar house road and ours is the 250,000 house road (although we built our house for only 125,000. Anyway. It made for entertainment sitting on my bed watching this all day. Had to share it with you because well. I figured you would get it!


  15. What a couple of clowns. Get a video of that crap and then review them on Yelp! Lol, that would be the ultimate sort of justice for them. I am thinking of the two guys in 101 Dalmations…Jasper and I forget the other guy’s name. They were Cruella’s minions. That’s the image I have of those two you had the pleasure of watching today.

    It’s also sad that people don’t care about their reputations and the work they put out there.

    That sucks the fence had to be a damn prison wall though. Nice message that sends.

    It’s funny about thinking everyone works because it seems like NO ONE works around here. Go out at any given time and the roads are full and stores are packed.

    Anyway, your story makes me feel like humans are devolving. And just as I was finishing up reading, guess who pulled in next door. Three guesses and the first two don’t count. lol…. Yeah, I get it.


  16. Boom box bob or Lucifer landlord are my two guesses . Oh i did video him!!! We had a fun bonfire today. Next to the new. Fence. We laughed farrrrr too much


  17. LOL I love your nicknames.
    It was “Speaker Boy” Your nick name’s funny but he just doesn’t look like a Bob, lol.

    Lucifer landlord though. It’s perfect. heehee

    Tonight he just pulled in with music banging and then turned it off. I’m afraid to jinx it by telling you that but that’s what happened.

    OMG that’s awesome that you video-ed them. I want to see haha. I love that you had fun next to the new fence. Hm, can you really laugh too much? Lol


  18. Did they stop?

    I have tons of video. The problem is that the road we’re on is noisy because of traffic so his crap and the vibrations from the bass don’t come across so well when the traffic is high.

    How did you get to court? Did you get cops involved? Did you need to hire a lawyer?

    I don’t know. Maybe if I go outside and get up close without him seeing me. It’s possible for me to do that. Recording it out the window isn’t working too well.

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  19. Find out what the noise bylaw is in your city, and work with a bylaw officer. They usually start with a warning, then increasing fines. Eventually, it can go to court. They can even have their stereo taken away in extreme cases.

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  20. What’s a bylaw officer? We’re in the US. I don’t think we have those here. I googled it and then our town and the search result was our useless police department. They do nothing. Call when it’s happening they say. I do and they don’t show up. And on top of that I have to call 911.

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  21. Yeah that doesn’t exist here. It’s cops, that’s it. And they don’t do anything. even though it’s all written in black and white all about the ordinances in the twp, it’s not my experience to see or hear them enforcing much.

    I had a neighbor years ago who’s dog was outside 24/7. I was seriously sleep deprived. I called the cops (911 since that was my only choice) continuously. One day a cop came out and threatened to give ME a citation.

    So I have serious apprehension about calling them anymore at all. My cousin is a cop too but not around here. He advised me to keep calling but like I said…

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