6 Painful Core Issues for ACONs

I came across this video a while ago. I watched some of it and then had to stop because it was so hard to listen to that particular day. He hit the proverbial nail right where it counts with this information. It hits home for sure.

I was able to start it over today and I am apparently in a much better place emotionally now, since I was able to make it through all of what he said.

One thing that makes it tough to get through, is that it’s intellectual info. Most I know, but I have no problem listening again or hearing the info presented in different ways. Also, it is helpful knowing it intellectually. That’s where the healing starts. But I very much adhere to the fact that just because you know what’s wrong cognitively, that does not mean you can just be and do differently.

I’ve understood the fucked up nature of my family for decades now and just knowing that, and knowing and learning how I’m a product of that, has yet to make a difference in my programming.

This is an informational video and that’s good. But he is also self-promoting…which is OK too. I think it’s a good idea for therapists who know how to help ACONs let themselves be known. However, it’s frustrating knowing that there are therapists out there who actually finally get it and understand the ACON struggle and not be able to financially utilize that help.

Despite the negatives I point out, I’m still posting it. I would like to refer back to it and it could help others too with some more insight. Besides, sometimes, we can find our own answers and therapize ourselves when we know what it is that’s wrong or toxic.


4 thoughts on “6 Painful Core Issues for ACONs

  1. Im going through it slowly to process it. Ive just stopped at how we couldn’t be ourselves bc we would have had to be totally present in a terrible situation. Prob didnt get that exactly right but it really had me intrigued. Because right. How can you allow yourself to be in a toxic place fully. It would be too painful.

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  2. Yeah, you got it right. I couldn’t watch it all at once either. It hit home and hard. Like a kick to the gut, while at the same time being helpful.

    It’s true, no matter what age. It’s difficult and scary to be who you REALLY are because you’ll get beat up (and down) for it. It’s been proven but somehow we know it instinctively.


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