No More Salads for Me (At Least for Now)

I know this is way off topic of my blog but I just felt compelled to write this.

The last three salads I’ve made myself and eaten have not agreed with me at all. I’ve had some not so nice digestive reactions and it doesn’t feel good at all.

My salads consist of a had of romaine hearts as the base, then I just add a few other vegetables. Lately it’s been cucumber, which I left off tonight. I wanted to test and see if that alone was the culprit. Nope. I still had to run to the bathroom.

I must be a glutton for punishment.

Tonight was minimal for the fixins. I had some olives and I used a pickle, something I never put on my salads. I used up the cheese I had and the dressing was my homemade mayo. I also added a tiny bit of hot sauce and some pickle juice to make it a bit more interesting.

I have never used hot sauce, pickles or pickle juice on a salad before, so those things are not necessarily what is making me sick. In fact I used the hot sauce on a pasta dish I heated up the last couple nights, left over from B’s Christmas with his family and I was fine. So it’s not the hot sauce. I have also eaten quite a few of the pickles I used for the salad tonight too and have had no problems. As is the same with the cheese. I have also used my homemade mayo with burgers and have had no issues, so I’m sure it’s not that either.

I pretty much only eat the olives on salads so they could be the problem. But I think the main culprit is the lettuce.

So I will be taking a vacation from lettuce for a while. And what better time than in the winter time when the temps have been in the teens. I need to be eating warm, cooked foods anyway.

Ugh, I feel pretty gross right now.


17 thoughts on “No More Salads for Me (At Least for Now)

  1. Lol, I’ll drink plenty of water. And I have been thinking a lot about juicing. There are lots of ways to get veggies (and fruits) without salad. I’ve gone months at a time without them before. I am questioning if there is some bacteria in the romaine we’ve been getting around here.

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  2. Hmmm. This is perplexing….is it organic lettuce? Is it washed? Could it be bacteria in it? This would drive me crazy not knowing and I would totally do the same thing you did and eliminate things and see what happened. I wonder if the flora is off in your gut and you need probiotics or something. Really pondering this salad thing now!

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  3. Linda, I’m really sorry. I just realized what you meant when you said be careful about getting dehydrated. Duh! Facepalm!

    Here I’m thinking you are thinking that not eating salad will bring about the possibility of getting dehydrated.

    Yeah, Ok, I just figured out that that is NOT what you meant.

    Anyway, thank you. I am going to get into bed and drink some water before laying down to go to sleep.

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  4. Oh, lol, don’t feel bad, the brain is the first organ to suffer when we become even a little dehydrated. I should have thought of that and spelled it out for you. My bad. “DRINK PLENTY OF FLUIDS!” Good night!

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  5. All of the above is likely to be the case. It is organic, from Trader Joe’s. I’m trying to remember if the romaine hearts from Whole Foods had done the same but can’t. I stopped buying it from WF because it was full of so much dirt the last couple times I bought it.

    I am bad and don’t wash my veggies, and particularly not the romaine hearts from the bag. So sure, it could definitely be full of bacteria and other things. But then when I do wash produce, it’s only in water. Nothing else has been an issue though and I’ve done enough eliminating at this point to be like 99% sure it’s the lettuce.

    And as far as my gut bacteria, yep. That is probably an issue. Something I was going to mention in the post and forgot is that I can eat all the junk I want and not get sick. But let me eat something like lettuce and I’ve got the runs. Lol.

    I’ve been eating a lot of junk from Christmas which has not helped any. B brought home quite a lot from his sister’s. But I had gotten sick from the salads before that too.

    My diet leaves a lot to be desired so there is not one single doubt in my mind that I could use some probiotics AND prebiotics.

    Another problem I notice that I have at times is I get crampy after eating starches. Not always but sometimes. When that happens and I take some hydrochloric acid (HCl) that helps a lot. Two capsules and within 20 min to half hour I feel better.

    I however, digest meat quite well and never feel the need to take any HCl with that. I even feel clear headed and energetic the next morning when I eat burgers for dinner.


  6. I was going to mention that. The HC and also there are plant enzyme like bromalain that we get from vitamin shoppe that really help. It is a combo of enzymes though that break down the food. Then we also use sonne bentonite clay we get from vitamin shoppe when ever the runs. It will stop it by binding with whatever has caused it and flushes it out. Can’t live with out that.
    I wash everything in vinegar and water because I am worried about parasites with well water. And our low immune system with lyme it can be an issue.
    Yeah ive been eating junk and i haven’t eaten junk in a LONG time. He wants me to put on weight. He doesnt understand if i just had someone make me real regular food a few times a day i would put on weight but i am in way too much pain now to do that so i just grab whatever.
    I’m really sorry your stomach is on the fritz though.


  7. I will need to start using that vinegar and water mix for produce. I have a filter that I use for drinking, cooking and rinsing really dirty produce.

    I have some digestive enzymes and had taken a capsule before eating that salad in hopes that would help.

    I have used BC before and good to know that it stops diarrhea. I will have to pick some up when I can.

    It would be so great if he could hire someone to cook for you, even if they come in and food prep some healthy meals so you can grab and heat.


  8. Just read the article. It’s really gross to think about it because this could be a problem in any vegetable or fruit. It’s like street food. Where do the people who handle it wash their hands after they use the bathroom? Answer: They most likely don’t. How disgusting is that? it’s enough to swear off every fruit and vegetable that can’t be peeled. Or just eat the ones that you don’t eat the rind of anyway…like oranges, lemons, bananas, squash. Except I was thinking about making some orange and lemon powders from the rinds of the fruits.

    Well, it looks like I got lucky. It could’ve been much worse and I thank my stomach of steel for that. Thanks for the link.

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