Lonely Relief

The loneliness is like a deep mud lake.

The depression is like a heavy ball and chain


The ball and chain dissolves

Once you no longer remain

The loneliness is a constant companion but easier to take

As I watch you drive away

The empty space where you were

Filled somehow

In a way I can’t explain

I only know the feeling

No words to describe

After you walked out that door

I have come back to life


9 thoughts on “Lonely Relief

  1. Conflicting emotions!!!! In my mind. I read it and feel conflicted over decisions and choices and am glad when everyone is gone and i have to make none but then am alone in it all

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  2. Conflict, yes. Needing to stay and wanting to go. It came from my feelings for B right now.

    I’m feeling lonelier than ever with him and even though I knew I’d be lonely without anyone today, I was happy to see him leave so I could have space without him here.


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