The Annual Christmas Invite

I really wonder why I get it every year now. I think one, maybe two years I was skipped over but my sister sends an e-vite to my inbox each year now for the annual Christmas “party.”

Oh it’s a party and it takes place on Christmas day, but it’s an open house and others (besides family) are welcome too.

I don’t have a problem with that really. The more the merrier I suppose. But of course there are conditions that go with that as well.

So after my stomach did a little flip, I opened the email but not the actual invitation.  I’m sure it will say the same as it does every year. The time, the place, the usual info that invites include.  I just know that I’m not going.

I’d rather spend Christmas alone than with phantom elephants. If I’m gonna be surrounded by elephants, I’d rather they be real actual elephants…although I’m a bit partial to giraffes.


8 thoughts on “The Annual Christmas Invite

  1. I’m totally with you, real elephants are much better than the invisible kind, and giraffes are even better. 😀

    This reminds me of something funny. About 16+ years ago, before I met my husband, I was dating a guy who was. . . different. Diagnosed autistic as a child, by the time I met him, when he was in his 50s, he was clearly a very high functioning Aspergers, something of a genius, and a social idiot savant. Think Jack Nicholson in As Good As It Gets. A movie this guy loved, by the way, although he chafed when I told him he was just like Nicholson’s character!

    One day he was talking about how different people we knew reminded him of different animals. One person made him think of a robin, another made him think of a goat.

    “What animal do I remind you of?” I asked.
    “Giraffe!” he said.

    Long legs, longish neck, freckles, reddish hair. Makes sense!

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  2. Haha, that’s funny about your friend. I like that thought process of matching people up with animals.

    Giraffes are so beautiful. I have a framed print on my bedroom wall of a mother giraffe kissing her goofy looking baby on the head. And then I have a painting of the same sort of thing on a small wooden box.

    I’ve been a fan of giraffes for a couple decades now.

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  4. I’ve been called a lion, too, because of my hair. I really expected my old boyfriend to say that I made him think of a lion with a wild mane. But giraffes aren’t so scary, so I’ll take that. However, I’ve lost a couple of inches in height in the past few years due to degenerative disc disease, so I’m not quite as giraffe-like as I used to be, lol.

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  5. From what I understand a female giraffe cares a lot for her young. I have had experiences with a couple (of course in captivity) and they are quite sweet…even if they did want the food I was holding. Lol

    So I’d go with giraffe because of the temperament. ❤

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  6. Lol Nyssa, that reminds me of something. Shortly before my husband and I started dating, a little over 14 years ago, I had gone to dinner a couple of times with the man who lived in the apartment below mine. One day I introduced my new boyfriend/now husband, to the casual friend who lived downstairs.

    “That guy looks like a weasel,” my now-husband said to me later.

    “The guy you’re dating looks like a grizzly bear!” the weasel told me the next day.

    “Better a grizzly than a weasel,” I thought but did not say. 😉

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