You are Enough on Your Own: A Letter to Myself

You are truly enough alone. You are whole as one. You don’t need someone else to complete you or make you whole.

Just because there are phrases that humans invented like, ‘the better half’ and ‘other half’, it doesn’t mean they are literal.

It seems to me those words pertain to the partnership and the relationship. The relationship itself is an entity…it’s own being.  So when it involves two people there are halves doled out and roles we take.

But what if that partnership/marriage/relationship ends?

Where does that leave you? If you are only whole with someone else it would leave you broken in half. And although it might feel that way sometimes, it’s not the case. You were whole and complete before you met that person. So why wouldn’t you be complete and whole after a break up?

(Just a hint: You are.)

Sadness and grief is normal. Missing someone you loved and invested in is healthy. And it will most likely leave a void where that person once was.

And that is exactly why you need to stay true to yourself, even in a relationship. Keep in touch with yourself, continue to remember who you are.

Your own interests and friends can help you through and fill that void until you grow strong again.

As an individual you do not need to have someone in order to make a life. You may desire and want to have someone to share your life with, but that person is not your entire life.

You have had a tendency to make a man your life, You’ve revolved your life around him and have even given up much of what you enjoyed before he was your universe.

IYou’ve been guilty of putting the responsibility of your happiness on the shoulders of someone else.

Even healthy relationships end, whether it’s by means of a break up or death. Although this hurts and there is a mourning process, leaving your soul/sole happiness completely up to your partner isn’t fair to either one of you.

This isn’t love. It’s dependency and if you feel you need this person in your life then it can and has become desperation. That’s not the same as wanting someone in your life.

Even within a partnership/relationship you are both still individuals with different needs and wants. You won’t always see things the same way. Finding common ground on the important things and certain values is what matters. If that doesn’t exist, sometimes the way to accept the differences is to part ways.

Too often you’ve compromised your own values just to stay with someone or to insure that he will stay with you. And each time you surrendered yourself this way you chipped off a piece of your own spirit. And you have lost so much of yourself.

There are changes and compromises that are reasonable of course. But if you are not being true to yourself and becoming shaky in your authenticity, that is not healthy, nor is it sustainable.

In the end you will begin fighting for your own true self to emerge again and possibly even wonder if you ever had a true self. And depending on how long and how much of yourself has been lost in all that compromising to please and keep someone else, the harder and longer the road back to you will be.

The key is to know yourself and be strong within so that if someone else decides they don’t want to be with you or needs to leave for their own reasons (even death) you will have the strength and confidence to go on without him.


4 thoughts on “You are Enough on Your Own: A Letter to Myself

    • Thank you Bethany!

      I wrote it a while ago and it was so good to read it again. I’d forgotten about it and so I surprised myself…pleasantly I might add.

      Being real and authentic has been a theme that runs through my mind since I can remember. But I never felt free to be that.

      I moved this post from another blog. I’ve been so scattered through the years and started so many blogs that I would then just abandon.

      I think I’m noticing something about that too. I’m looking at how many days ago you left this comment…3 days ago…whoa!

      I have not been active and have only peeked in on a blog or two, read a post or two and left a like or two. I think part of it is that I get overwhelmed with the thought of moving all that stuff over, as well as keeping up with everyone I want to read. It’s another form of perfectionism paralysis…I call it.

      Another thing is that I’ve changed my diet and am adjusting and tweaking, so I’ve been feeling pretty tired a lot of the time.

      In addition, in getting used to it, I’ve been trying to eat enough to not be hungry and have been spending a lot of time in the kitchen, which has felt stressful. I’m not into being in the kitchen all damn day…

      The tiredness and stress of all day kitchen, I am still feeling a difference that’s positive. I was getting heavier and more lethargic and more unhealthy eating grains as well as processed foods because of blood sugar issues.

      I’d also taken dairy out and could not get satiated so I added it back in. We’ll see how that goes.

      And then the periodic feeling of having enough for a while of going back in time and spending time there in my writing. And I’ve definitely been going through that in the last week.

      So, I’m sorry it took me so long to get back to you.

      Ok, off to see what other comments you left. 🙂


      • Hey! I’m always happy to hear from you!
        About the food…when we changed our diet we had to eat a TON more. I had no idea how much food it took to fill you up after you remove other things. For my daughter we had to remove gluten, dairy, sugar, meat nuts, soy. So instead of one sweet potatoe, we eat 2. And instead of one cup of rice, two. And instead of once cup of peas, 2. If I have black beans and rice I will make a huge portion. This way of eating does not fill you up like cheese and crackers and a chicken breast will!!!
        I’m really glad you shared the letter.
        You’ve been busy! Don’t be too hard on yourself. Changing your diet alone is a lot

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