The Meaning of Letters and Words

I brought this over from a blog I started a long time ago and abandoned, like so many others. I called it The Laggage Report. This was my attempt at writing a page there explaining my made up meaning of laggage and how I feel about my initials.

Obviously there is no such word as laggage but it made sense for the intention I had for the blog.

First of all, it originates from my initials…LAG. I’ve always hated those initials because the word lag indicates falling behind, which in reality I’ve always related to and felt as though that’s exactly what I’ve done and am still doing…lagging behind.

I thought of the name after the break up with the AP because it felt like I had a lot of baggage. Well I did have a lot of baggage. I had baggage way before getting involved with him but after that ended I felt like I personified baggage.

So I came up with combining my initials, which spell “lag” with the word “baggage.”

I then never posted there and in time forgot about it. I have wanted to avoid my initials because of the word they spell. But just last night, I thought maybe the avoidance isn’t the answer to my healing because I feel like I’m ignoring the blatant fact that I am and have lagged behind in both comparing myself to my peers as well as what feels right in my own growth,  for my inner being.

Laggage: Baggage too heavy to carry it can’t help but lag behind.  (Still a meaning in progress.)


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