Running Into My Mother and A Strange Elevator

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I ran into my mother in a building, who was with my two nephews and they were smaller than I know they’d really be now.

They didn’t feel comfortable greeting me and I could see that. It hurt but I understood since I had not seen them in more than a year.

My mom tried to get them to give me a hug and they clearly continued to resist.
It was then that I walked past my mother and turned to say, “Can’t blame them mom, don’t force them to do things they don’t want to.”

I turned back and walked away.

Even in the dream, I knew I needed to get away from my mother quickly, because I knew if my nephews were with her, my sister may not be far behind and my brother may be around as well.

I had no interest in being stuck and put on the spot in explaining my absence and lack of communication.

After all it would’ve gone unheard, not understood and I would have most likely had to endure their berating words, finger pointing and no accountability blame.

When I walked away I rounded a corner and got on an elevator, only to go to the second floor.

I got on when it opened and I was followed by a couple (man and woman) with lots of large metal things. (Not clear what they actually were.)

These large metal things were many and they would block my exit if I were to get off first. So I hopped over them to be near the door.

When the door opened on the second floor, the walls surrounding the elevator dropped away.

The second floor wasn’t the same second floor I knew I had been on before.

I was looking at a large automotive shop…mechanics working on cars.

So I froze. And then got off with the woman, (part of the couple who had gotten on with all those metal things). We stood at a reception desk and I felt very confused.

The woman said, “You get back on the elevator and I’ll ask them what’s going on.”

I did what she said and I slid onto the floor of the elevator horizontally as it began to move upward again.

My lower legs and feet were still over the line of the floor though and I got scared and felt the urgency to get my legs safely across the line and completely inside the elevator.

The walls were still open but I was afraid they’d either close up again before I got on, or my feet/legs would be cut off by the next floor.

Feel free to interpret what you think this means…especially after I left my mother and nephews. Comment below any ideas you have.


5 thoughts on “Running Into My Mother and A Strange Elevator

  1. I’m going to read this like 5 more times and then write more…just fyi….and I am so pissed that your blog posts don’t come up in my email. I had to go to your blog and see I missed three and then I was looking more and there are three others before that. Stupid wordpress

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  2. I love the quote that you said to your mom. At the very beginning. I think that is key to everything. You had this “knowing” and then you got on the elevator and everything went haywire. You spoke the truth to her but she left you so unsettled that nothing else made sense. Her blame was still this underlying force maybe that was where the cut your legs off feeling came from because notmatter what you say to her she will still cut you down. Just my initial thoughts

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    • Oh wow yeah! I love this. As I was reading I made another connection to the possibility of my legs getting cut off.

      The legs, attache to the feet are what grounds us to the earth. Our family is supposed to be our grounding for when things in life get fucked up.

      So feeling cut off from my family also effects my overall feeling of being grounded.

      But yes, “No matter what you say to her, she will cut you down.” This goes with the latest dream I had with her in it as well.

      I love dream interpretation. It can be so insightful. Thank you. Everything you said makes so much sense.


      • I love dream interpretation too! I love to write it out and get someone else’s ideas becasue sometimes I donn’t get the symbolism. Everything you just said makes total sense. The grounding part especially.

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