Apartment Wreck Number Two Hundred and Thirty Five

The basement flooded. The sink attached to the washer assigned to us overflowed. B went down to get the load from the drier and switch the stuff in the washer to the drier. It was taking him so long I wondered what was going on.

So I went downstairs and expected to see him talking to Nasty because, boy, can she talk.

Nope! One more fucking thing. The floor was flooded and B was down there sweeping it up and out the garage.

I just texted Nasty to let her know what’s going on, because God knows B won’t do anything until all evidence is gone.

Fuck that. She’s gonna know, because this is not our shit. Her building, her stress and her responsibility.

Now he’ll be down there cleaning up the mess, utilizing his time that could be put to much better use, like searching online for another apartment to escape this bullshit.

I have no doubt it’s from something she neglected to take care of.  I don’t believe it’s anything either one of us did wrong. But when I went down there, B was trying to come up with an explanation of how something we washed might have caused that.

I said loudly when he started to take blame like that, “Thirteen years in our house and we NEVER had a flood from the sink attached to our washer. It’s not our fault! We did nothing wrong.”

He went down there at 2pm just to switch out clothes. It’s almost 3pm.

I’m sure she’ll find a way to blame us for it though. Because she’s a blame shifter.

PS. The rent is going up next month.


20 thoughts on “Apartment Wreck Number Two Hundred and Thirty Five

    • I think it’s all cleaned up. I haven’t been down there since I first saw it. It pissed me off too much. It’s been one thing after another so I stayed upstairs.

      B did go down and do another load and says it’s OK now. Landlady is aware of it and was down there helping B sweep it out.

      B started looking for places after the fiasco. Found a pretty cool place in the town I grew up in. But it’s available Aug. 7. A bit too soon.

      I think we have to give her 60 days, which seems a bit excessive to me but we have to look at our lease to be sure.


      • Things like that give me so much anxiety I could barely read it…not your fault obviously…just saying…i get so upset thinking about things like that that happen and the waste of time and stress over something usually preventable or somethign that someone else should be dealing with and not you guys.
        Can you find someone to sublet and up and out of that place with the Nasty?

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        • I don’t know that she’d allow that. B and I are going to be looking hard at our budget on Thursday to see what’s going on there. Things are really tight right now. That by itself has me really stressed out.

          It pisses me off that she wouldn’t offer to compensate for the time he put in to clean that mess up. Like when he shoveled the driveway in that snow.

          And even if subletting was an option for us to scram like that, that’s also a big anxiety producer and stressful thing. Movers have to be arranged for one thing. So much stuff and it all needs to be packed. I’m just getting into DBT and I’m not missing any of them unless I physically can’t make it.

          I don’t want to jump because that’s how we ended up here in the first place. In addition it’s expensive to rent around here if you want to live in a safe environment, and that’s a top priority for me.

          It will take time to find a place anyway, so we’ll have to deal with it but at least B is motivated now too. He’s got the whole week coming up off from work, so he’ll want to go look at places.

          Ok so I wrote that whole comment and realized you are referring to up and outta here to move to that place I mentioned previously. Lol. The listing says small dogs are allowed and no mention of cats. So I’d bet they don’t want cats.

          We’re gonna go look at it anyway if he can get hold of the renter.

          Another thing that concerns me is getting a good rental company. The place that moved us in here sucked. They were in this huge hurry, sweat all over our furniture and left before they were really done. I had some boxes I wanted them to carry upstairs and they didn’t. So we are definitely gonna do this at least a little better next time.

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          • Oh i get it. Just telling me i MAY have to move i flip. The idea of movers and trucks and people touching my things and smells and all that freaks me out. I hate change. If i could poof just blink my stuff into the perfect place i so would. I want a pool. Salt pool for rehab for both of us. Who am i kiddding. Never gonna happen. Gotta pay off so much medical debt.
            Anyway!!!! Safety would be top priority yes. Also not living with Nasty.
            I’m glad you are both at least on the same page to move.

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            • “Also not living with Nasty.” I almost spit out the water I’d been drinking as I read your comment. Lmao. Thank you for that laugh. Much needed today.

              And I agree. I also don’t want to end up with a worse landlord and I’ve had them.

              A salt pool would be the best. I would love that too.

              When we moved here, we actually had the opportunity to move some of the things ourselves. So a lot of the boxed stuff was already moved. But I don’t see that happening next time. I’m not a fan of strangers touching my things either but I think that move exhausted me so much that I only just started recovering. A whole year later. That is too much. So this time the movers are gonna move most of the boxes as well. There will be a few things I’ll take myself, like my big deep drawer of journals, that will go with me in my car. But I’m not killing myself this time.


          • Every fucking thing triggers me these days. Someone may as well be right here about to attack me. I read something. I hear something. A noise. I was getting in the car. My husband was putting my scooter in the trunk. I could see him through the back window. I was leaning in the car to put my purse down and he put his hand on my back and i almost killed the man. Ready to punch. Screamed. Cussed. He just stood there like ummmmm what? He didn’t know i didnt know he was there. It was a damn mess. I am just so on edge because of my own health and my daughter’s health and the unknown i just can’t seem to turn my nervous system off. Switch that could deactivate would be nice. Can’t seem to do it.


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