Why Do Some Get Bullied and Others Don’t ?

Here’s another edited post I had on “private” for a while. Before, I had titled it, “I Have a Question.” I changed it to match the content better.

It’s so interesting going back to read stuff I wrote some time ago.

Sleeping Tiger

Question on humanWhy does it seem that the majority of those abused at home as children are abused and bullied outside the  home too? I’m not talking about later in life when we’re drawn to those who abuse us or some who were abused as kids become abusers themselves. I’m talking about when we’re still kids being beaten up in every way imaginable made to feel like we don’t matter because we’re dismissed, at home, only to go out into the world and be bullied by others.

I remember being called a cry baby by a few other kids when I’d cry in kindergarten . These were probably the kids eating paste, but they weren’t crying and they were laughing at those who were, so they must be cool. I was 4 when I started kindergarten.

Later, I remember being made fun of because I wasn’t good at kick ball in gym class…

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17 thoughts on “Why Do Some Get Bullied and Others Don’t ?

  1. I see made fun of and bullied too. I wondered at one point do i have a sign that says freebie, kick me??? But my husband thinks there are just a lot of mean people in the world and many of them just found me

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      • I look back on that time and think about how they walked the halls of school all proud and everyone kissing their asses and them kissing asses and me being stuffed in a locker and do wonder, why me?! But then I realize it was not JUST me. There were others. It may be an eeenie meeenie mineyy moe I pick you to bully thing

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        • STUFFED IN A LOCKER!!! Damn. If I was a teacher and saw that shit, I would have to do something about that kind of behavior. Kids are so mean.

          We didn’t have lockers in elementary/jr. high school. Catholic schools generally go from K-8. When I started it was 1-8.

          I did K in public school, was bullied there but once I got to the public high school I wasn’t bullied. There were snobby people (mostly girls) who wouldn’t talk to me but that’s preferable to the snotty in your face crap.

          I can’t get over that you were stuffed in a locker. That is fucking unacceptable. I’m sorry that happened to you.


          • Thank you! It did suck. We had lockers in our school. It was k-6 and I was fine there but 7-12 was together so you have tiny kids with seniors. That’s where the bad happened. Finally someone took me under his wing and after that noone bothered me anymore.
            Kids are still just as mean I bet. this kid pushed my daughter in highschool and the wrath of the mother me came down upon him!!!!! And THAT knee jerk reaction was one for the books and it was perfect. The next day they had a police officer at the school and a huge school meeting about bullies and how they will not be tolerated. My daughter loves the mother bear in me. No way I will let anything happen to my daughter without consequence

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            • YES! That’s what mom’s are supposed to do. And that reaction made something happen. No way should a boy be pushing a girl. I think as a mother I would’ve done the same thing.

              7-12!?! Geez. That’s not cool. 12 year olds in school with 17/18 year olds. Man. It should’ve been Jr. High 7-9 (I know now it’s middle school which is 6-8). That’s how it is around here anyway for most of the public schools that I’m aware of.


              • That school STILL is 7-12th grade. It is idiotic. Which means the same crap is going on.
                Yeah, I don’t react well to anyone hurting my daughter. But you’re right. That is what a mother is supposed to do. I wasn’t modeled that that is for sure. Guess it came instinctively for me.

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  2. Hey are your comments closed on some ofyour posts bc i read them but i don’t see a comment section. Oh i see you just sent me a message. Also lately my email has not notified me of your posts and one other person’s posts which is so frustrating so if you ever feel like I am not reading it just message me because i may just not get the notification for some freaking reason


    • Some posts have closed comments because the settings are set to close them after so much time a post is posted. I guess I should fix that if I’m going to reblog posts. But it’s a bit too much for me to do right now.

      It’s funny, I never check the email this blog is connected to. I just go by the reader and pick and choose by title whatever I feel like reading. I can’t read everything. So don’t feel obligated to read my posts. I completely understand time constraints but thank you for saying that. It means a lot that you want to read my stuff. ❤


      • But I want to read your posts!!! I don’t feel obligated I am just interested in your life and care about you. See my reader SUCKS. Over 1/2 the people on my follow list don’t show up there at all and only on my email. And now people aren’t showing up on my email. I saw someone else say something about it so maybe a glitch these last few days.
        Ah don’t worry about the closed comments. Sometimes I just go over old blogs and just want to say something or a thought. I wouldn’t want to go through my blog and open anything or anythign like that either. I never go back to old posts but I wonder if I should. I’m sure there are hundreds of spelling errors. Like the blog post you just wrote doesn’t have a comment section.

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        • WordPress is messed up. I read that a lot, that certain blogs don’t show up in people’s readers. It may be happening to me too, but I don’t know.

          Thanks for being interested. I didn’t think you felt obligated. That’s just my silly shame kicking up. I’m touched that you are interested and love all your great and kind comments. It means a lot to me.
          I feel the same about you. I’m interested in your life as well.

          That last post I closed comments because…well…because of the content. I feel like I abuse B and I’m ashamed of it. I’m worried about hate and I also don’t really want advice either, which is what many people seem to want to do. I know it comes from a good place usually. But I still really don’t want it.


          • Why do people always give advice! When I write something all I really want are comments like you post. That it’s awful. That it sucks. That I hate you are in a dark place. Hope things get better soon. Sorry you are sad. Sorry there are so many dicks in the world. Thinking of you…..just comments acknowledging they have read what you said and they hear you. That’s all we really need. I totally get why you closed the comments. I absolutely love your honesty and how real you are with yourself and others.

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            • Thank you for that. I won’t get fixed if I”m not honest and real. So long I was hindered in being real and of course I don’t post about every incident but if I’m going to post about it, I’m gonna be honest. I’m not angel that’s for sure.

              This is why the narcissist thing is so doubtful. I think I’m a product of what happened to me and since I slipped through the cracks for so long in the world of psychiatry, never being offered DBT, never having PTSD recognized, things have developed to this point. Not to mention the apathy and seemingly missing emotions from the person I live with is ultra-frustrating.

              But leaving would likely make things more difficult. Not sure where I’d go.

              Oh and btw: I used to be guilty of giving advice. Then I learned that that’s not what people want when they are telling a story or venting. Not unless they specifically ask for it.


              • Totally agree with you being a product of what happened to you and that you are NOT a narcissist.
                Shit we just have issues that are a result of awful things happening and never being heard or cared for or valued or loved through any of it. We’re gonna have some issues to work through. I always say I am a wayyy work in progress. Always trying.
                I really hate that you are living with someone that is apathetic. God you need the opposite of that. Validation! And you aren’t gettting it. And that really does suck.
                Oh I gave advice too until I got it and realized ooops. I still catch myself like just now asking if you’d have the saliva test. Just popped into my head so I wrote it.

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                • I don’t mind you asking if I had a saliva test. That didn’t bother me at all. You didn’t say, “You should…” That’s what I don’t like.

                  I don’t mind getting ideas though. I’m open to those but I think it’s the way they are presented.

                  There may be something I didn’t think of that you know about or someone else does. I would hate to miss out on that.

                  But most people tend to use ‘you should…” and that just hits me like nails on a chalk board.

                  I wouldn’t mind gettng that test, bu when I think about how many times a day you have to do it, I would probably forget and then waste the money. lol. Maybe once I get myself a bit more balanced and hoping to earn some money, I can start doing things like that.


                  • It was a huge pain. I had to label them 8am 11am 4pm 11pm and then set timers or i would have never remembered. And my day was ruined because I never get up at 8 so I was just miserable. But it did show up a lot for my daughter so i’m glad we did that for her sake. I don’t like the you should either.

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