I am frustrated, angry and worried.

I hate dealing with doctors and vets although a much nicer breed (pun) they are still not my favorite people to deal with.

And that’s because if something is wrong that needs extensive testing, and then extensive costs in treatment, I feel like shit when I have to either pick and choose or do nothing because of financial issues.

Ozzy had an ear infection. We had a vet visit, meds given for ear, done, he seems fine.

While we were there though other tests were taken and although the money was there to pay for the labs, we certainly felt it.

Now of course the labs come up with some problems that need more testing.

Hypercalacemia could be an indication of something from his kidney issues, we are already aware of all the way to a symptom of parathyroid cancer. So of course they would need to submit more labs (which carry an additional cost) to dig deeper to find the actual cause of this.

His urine sample came back with blood and white blood cells so to find out what’s causing this, that would take another $125.

He needs his teeth cleaned and with all that’s involved with that we’re looking at over $1000…$1026.12 to be exact. That includes a 90 cent tax. If I didn’t want to cry that would be laughable.

Oh, I almost forgot to include the heart arrhythmia the vet picked up too.

Even if we had the money to pay for all this testing, we’d have to have the money for whatever the treatment is. If he’s got cancer of his parathyroid, that’s surgery to have it removed. And most likely medication after surgery.

There was talk about an MRI for something when I took him in. I can’t remember what that was in reference to, I think his heart.

It’s overwhelming as fuck. And I tend to ignore the follow ups knowing full well the money isn’t there to do anything anyway.And I feel like a shit for saying no to anything the vet recommends.

We don’t have the kind of money to be able to say, “Whatever it takes.”  If we did that, the cat wouldn’t have a place to live because neither would we.

But his health seems to be much more serious now and I am not able to just ignore the follow ups completely. I will need to pick and choose and anything costing $1000 is out of the question.

The only thing we can do at this point is to make the appointment, find out what more is going on and go from there.

I’m so tired of poverty.

I’m closing comments because I know how emotional people can be. I trust those who comment regularly. But if someone new finds this given the key words and gets angry because they think I’m a bad owner for not having the money I need to get all that’s needed done for our cat, well, that’s the shit I don’t want to read.

I feel bad enough already.