Dear Sister

This is an old post but one of my favorites as far as getting my anger out about the abuse from my family. Seems my sister was the ring leader. She is no doubt the most narcissistic of any of us.

I used the words sperm donor and egg donor out of anger. I do not generally like to de-humanize people, including my parents. As I edited, I thought about changing it, but decided to leave it because it’s raw. I’m still angry and hurt by it all. I don’t expect to ever “get over” (and what does that mean anyway?) such treatment. But I am working on forgiveness, particularly toward my parents. And for that it’s a matter of getting through it not over it.

I’d also like to say I did not send this letter. I don’t recommend it but everyone has their own decision to make. I decided against that option.


Sleeping Tiger

Fuck you!


Ok now that I have your attention…or maybe it did the opposite and you have no interest in reading further because of the aggressive profanity. Well I don’t give a shit because this is a Christmas present to MYSELF! And quite frankly…Fuck you! sums it up quite well anyway.

I got your invitation to your annual Christmas open house. And my RSVP is a big fat “NO” and a “How dare you even send one to me.”

Stop sending me invitations. Stop sending Christmas cards. Move on and pretend you don’t know me because you don’t deserve to know me. Your cruelty, abuse and narcissistic triangulations, manipulations and gas lighting is something I’m wide awake to and I no longer have any desire to see you, talk to you or PRETEND that everything is fine and fuckin’ dandy.

How dare you send me an invite as if everything…

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3 thoughts on “Dear Sister

    • It was written with the intention of not sending it. Would be interesting to be a fly on the wall if she actually did read it though.

      I did write one letter to her back when my father got sick. It wasn’t an angry one like this one at all, but I was totally explaining myself about some shit that had been going on at the time. I had it sealed up in an envelope and stamped and everything. I got to a mailbox and changed my mind.

      I hadn’t known how sick in narcissism she was at the time, despite her treatment of me and my knowledge of the disorder already. But I did have a memory of her response to another explanatory letter I’d dropped in her mailbox many years ago and that memory I think helped to deter me and realize that nothing would be different.

      I’m so glad I never sent that one too.

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