“Know Thyself”


17 thoughts on ““Know Thyself”

      • I always read your posts!!!!!
        Yet I know the feeling. I’m like ugh, why did I post that, no one cares, no one is going to read it. I do that with many of my posts so I do understand.

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        • I will remember that…that you always read my posts. That’s a good thing. Thank you. I put the post back up by the way. I know, I said that in another comment but I want you know know. lol.

          I was thinking about you and the post we are commenting about just now before signing in. And I also thought about how you are finding (or maybe found?) your voice here and how you seem to speak your mind with no apology. At least that’s what I see a lot in your posts when I read them.

          I really admire that and am working on just that.

          It bums me out so much to see that no one read something I posted which happens all the time. But then I’m also nervous and afraid of people reading at the same time. I hate being conflicted.

          Oh well, it’s not pleasant…the post linked to in my last post, but it’s the truth.


          • Oh, please know, I read every single one of your posts. Every one. I will read them. Then think about them and even read them again. Sometimes I cannot find the right words to reply. Sometimes I like them so you know I read them. But I read every single one. Sometimes you get my mind going so much that it leads me to write a blog of my own. You truly inspire me.
            I know exactly how you feel though. I pour my heart out and get not one comment and like 2 likes and I’m thinking gee thanks. That just took all the strength I have an no one read it. But then you know i looked at my blog the other day. Ive had 30,000 views and only 1000 comments. So people must be reading it just not always commenting.
            I am unapologetic. That is really true. I’m glad you saw that. I have found my voice on this blog. Something I never ever thought I would find.
            I will read your post later this evening. My husband is home for a rare change. No overtime. So we are watchign movies today!!!!! He goes to bed early so I will read it then

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            • Thank you so much for your kind words here. It’s so good to know you are reading and that I inspire you too. I need to remember that each time I feel too afraid to express myself.

              I get all angry at time and I’m like, “Fuck it.” I’m must gonna spew the whole shebang…where I grew up, everyone’ names and then I calm down and rethink.

              I do the same on your blog as well as far as commenting. Sometimes I just don’t know what to say. It feels wrong sometimes because I want to provide comfort in some way but everything I think to say just doesn’t seem to cut it.

              If I was there in person there wouldn’t be much to say. If it didn’t hurt you, I’d put my arms around you and maybe say “I’m sorry” but that doesn’t work when reading and sharing from miles away.

              Anyway, enjoy your time with your hubby and the movies.

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          • We are about to watch a movie and as soon as it is over I will read the entire thing. I’m so glad you put it back up!!!!!!
            Yes, it was a post linking to something else that was before I started reading your blog. I really do need to binge read your old posts. I will try to do that later after everyone has gone to bed. During my quiet read time

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            • Aw I would love that. Thank you.
              I am working my way through all my old posts (slowly, lol) and making them public again after one day just going through and marking them all private. (Lol, don’t ask,)

              Some I read through and just make public again and others I read and then spend time editing. So lots will probably get buried.

              I think my readership is not as strong as it could be either because of my ambiguous actions with this blog.

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                • I think it’s a combination of things. Inside WP it’s likely about comments and how much you participate in other people’s stuff. That gets you seen.

                  Then there’s the title or even the pic you post up top that comes up in the ‘Reader’ for people who have followed you.

                  Tags make a difference on whether someone finds you in a search and then there’s sharing on social media and getting a following there.

                  Of course the topic matters too but all that stuff above is going to make a difference in getting people to even see it.

                  Also, I think not being conflicted (like me) helps a lot. If I wasn’t conflicted, I’d have a FB page and twitter account at the very least where I’d link most of my posts once I got some following there.

                  Right now, that’s not where I’m at. I’m not ready.


                  • I hear you. I promis I hear you. And the pictures and tags and titles all seem to matter in the WP world but those things just aren’t important to me. The conflict is what is important . The raw and real of your blog. We ALL have conflicts but no one wants to word them and voice them. I am so glad that you do.

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                    • When I said conflicts, I was talking about the conflict of wanting to be read, but not wanting to be read. lol

                      But it’s really that I want to be read, but afraid to be judged.

                      So it’s important in a way. I admit, I would love to have tons of likes and be noticed. That’s my narcissism I suppose.

                      But my underlying reason for writing is to get it out of me. To cleanse myself so to speak of their abuse. The real bravery comes when I write about the wrongs and hurt I’ve impinged on others.


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