Adrenal Fatigue…I Think

OK so I’m not diagnosed or anything, but having read enough about PTSD and the effects of long term abuse, I have no doubt I have adrenal issues of one sort or another. What the title of the diagnosis would be, I have no idea.

I also know that when tested by a conventional doctor, the ones covered by shitty insurance, the tests they do won’t register, in some instances, as having anything wrong even if there is.

I have not been exactly diligent in taking care of myself either. I do feel I could recover but it means changing a lot of habits. It means eating better, sleeping during a certain window of time and it means doing the right exercises. And it takes time.

I went grocery shopping today. I made sure to eat before I left so I wouldn’t be hungry at the store, or get into trouble with wonky blood sugar. If I get hungry, it causes stress reactions in my body, sending more cortisol to my brain.  Something I don’t need since it’s part of the problem of PTSD.

Even taking care to take care of myself before leaving, I still feel exhausted. It didn’t even take me that long, despite going to a store that I don’t really know my way around all that well yet.  I went there for a couple reasons:

1) It’s cheaper than Whole Foods and I am trying to find ways of saving on food money. (I will still use Whole Foods for produce because it’s the only grocery store that has good produce around here. I can pick up a few things here and there at other places but at WF I can pretty much get my whole produce list.)

2) That particular branch of the chain I went to, although a little out of the way, it is not crazy crowded. And today I discovered the people that shop there are not rude or walking around with a feeling of entitlement. Meaning they don’t keep coming toward you and expect you to move, even if they’re on the wrong side.

They also said excuse me at the store I went to today, when it was appropriate. The clientele at WF doesn’t generally do this. They will walk right into you and then act like you’re the rude one.

Anyway, to get to my point, I’m exhausted, just from going grocery shopping. I feel like I could take a nap now at 4 pm and sleep through the night.

I have just begun to change some things so I don’t want to say much about that yet. Consistency is key and not a strong trait of mine.


20 thoughts on “Adrenal Fatigue…I Think

  1. My daughter and I both just did a saliva cortisol test. We had to give 4 samples a day to show the cortisol throughout the day. Her adrenal glands were producing nothing. Mine were fine

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    • Isn’t that Addison’s?
      What do you do for that?

      I googled “adrenal glands producing no cortisol” or something like that to confirm that thought and saw that’s what it was. It also said something about “if you’ve been in a car accident…” I didn’t read the whole thing and now I can’t find it. I’m not functioning too well today.

      Anyway, it made me think of the horrible car accident I was in at 17. Some lady hit me, my head slammed into the windshield and once the ER visit was done there was no real follow up. So that’s bothering me too…just more neglect.


      • They checked her for addisons and it was not positive. They think it has been her being sick for 3 years has just taxed her adrenal glands out. So now she has to be on a replacement hormone to try and kick start them again.
        That’s awful you were in an accident and hit the windshield and they did nothing? No CT or MRI. Geez! Who is to say that didn’t affect you somehow.
        I injured my shoulder waterskiing and tore A LOT of it when I was 19. They did nothing. For some reason when i got this muscle disease (not that I caught it but whenever it decided to go into full force activation) my shoulder was affected most. It’s like whatever injury i had it just started deteriorating that


        • Yeah, I can see how that would work. Diseases tend to attack the weakest organs or parts of the body.

          I did get an x-ray while in the ER right after the accident. And I view that accident another thing that contributed to the deterioration of my adrenals.

          That’s good your daughter tested negative for Addison’s. That’s one plus anyway. I hope the HRT works.


          • Nutramedix makes the lyme disease herbs that I take. As part of the lyme protocol there is a liquid product called adrenal support for just that reason. To keep the adrenals from getting burned out by the disease process. I know a lot of people who take the adrenal support who don’t have lyme disease but just adrenal fatigue. My daughter can’t tolerate any of the herbs but they help me so much

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            • Thanks for that! Did you have adrenal problems before you started taking their adrenal support? (I’ve got their site opened up).

              I take something that helps sometimes. But it’s not consistent and I’m not noticing that it is making any real long term difference.


  2. The therapist doing my neurofeedback told me that I have adrenal fatigue. He said he can tell this from my brain waves.

    I have been taking a prescription thyroid replacement medication for the past 8 or 9 years. It stopped my hair from falling out, but it did not do a lot for my energy. I’m like you, just a trip to the grocery store is exhausting.

    So far, my neurofeedback therapy — NFT — hasn’t made any difference in my energy level. But I feel so much better emotionally, and that is a huge improvement. Even now, while I’m waiting for the result of a biopsy that was done on May 18. It’s been over two weeks now since I had the procedure. I’m hoping that no news is good news, The nurse who scheduled me for a follow-up appointment on June 21, said they would call and get me in sooner if the pathology report is bad. But not knowing for sure is stressful! Even so, the stress I am feeling is nothing like I would have been experiencing, prior to NFT! Although I can’t quite bring myself to pick up the phone and call the surgeon’s office to ask if they have the pathology report yet….


    • So interesting that he can tell from your brain waves. I am convinced (from what I’ve learned) that I have this because of the stress of the abuse for the most part. And then it’s a cycle because of course with PTSD (adrenal issues) my bodies stress response creates more stress. I am also convinced it’s what is behind my BPD symptoms as well…the over the top reactions, the low tolerance even to the sound of my cat scratching at his litter box (which he’s doing right now and I feel so annoyed by it.) I am convinced it’s the reason for even my lack of empathy as well at times.

      Today I woke up still feeling exhausted. I am feeling very angry and overwhelmed. I make plans with Mr. B and today I’m finding I many not be able to be consistent with it unless and until I fix this. Because I have no drive to do anything. This also works against me because that “not wanting to do anything” includes not wanting to cook, which is a huge factor in getting myself turned around or I can just forget about ever being healthy.

      Sorry, I should have made this rant a post. Lol. But I started to reply to you and I’m just free flowing here.

      I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering how you are. So it was kind of funny to see that you visited here. I hope that your biopsy comes back clean. Nothing like having to wait it out and docs are too busy to care much about our stress levels. Hopefully no news is good news. That thought crosses my mind when I’m worried. A therapist said that to me once and I refer back to it a lot.

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      • Everything you said here, lines up with what my NFT therapist has told me about my adrenal fatigue. Ooooh how I wish that you could have neurofeedback!!! If I were “rich” I would pay for you, and for everyone I care about who wants it, to have NFT.

        I had another treatment yesterday and now I am feeling better than ever. I feel calm and peaceful, not stressed, not worried, and I feel grateful. My empathy and love, even for strangers, has increased, too.

        I feel ready to proactively deal with whatever the biopsy report says, including the fact that my dr now wants me to have another body part biopsied. It blows my mind that I am not freaking out, but I am also not in numb denial, nor do I have a crazy false illusion of being invincible or impervious to the worst that can happen.

        The way I feel right now is this: “Whatever happens, I will deal with it, one day and one step at a time, with the help of God and my loved ones. I will hope and aim for the best. But if the worst happens, well, none of us in this world will live forever. I am super grateful for the years that I have had so far. Even with all the bad things in my life and all the bad happening in the world, and even if my hope for resurrection in Christ turns out to be wrong…. still, this life has been an amazing experience in so many ways, and I am very glad that I got to exist at all!”

        Dang…. who am I, and where did the old Lynda go? Lol!


        • After everything you said here, I wish I could have NFT too. I don’t doubt for a second you would be that generous to pay for anyone you know who wanted it. ❤

          I can't believe you have to get ANOTHER biopsy! Ok, well I believe it but that just sucks. But you have a great attitude. I have to admit I'm a bit envious.

          Sounds like you are an enhanced and happy Lynda Lee. I am so happy for you! Now to kick that adrenal fatigue in the butt. 🙂

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          • Yesterday I was not quite so calm and peaceful! First, yesterday morning as I was driving home after a women’s meeting at church, doing the speed limit of 65 on a two lane highway, a pickup truck pulled out to pass another truck, heading straight for me. We came within about 2 seconds of having a high speed head on crash. Even the car behind me ran off the road.

            Then, late in the afternoon, my husband wanted us to take a drive up to a small city that is about an hour north of us. It’s normally a beautiful and peaceful drive, through desolate high desert country.

            But the weather is a’changing, and the weather forecasters can’t seem to keep up, especially in rural areas. We got about 30 minutes from home, and we were hit with a monsoon. There were winds of 70 mph, according to the weather report we heard after the fact, along with some hail, sheets of rain that we could barely see through, and big bolts of lightning were hitting the ground all around us, in front of us, beside us, behind us, constant random frenzied strikes of cloud to ground lightning. Oh my goodness…. I still can’t quite believe we made it home in one piece!

            Right now, I am lying in bed with our two rescue dogs cuddled against me, still trying to calm myself down from yesterday. So…. maybe I can deal with a biopsy or two, that may or may not be anything very worrisome, only time will tell… but the immediate threat of lightning, hail, near-hurricane force wind, sheets of rain, and a homicidal-suicidal driver aiming his truck right at me, all in one day! It makes me almost not want to leave the house again!!!

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                • For someone with PTSD, the car can work itself into being a trigger in quite a few ways. Just being in it too long can start making me feel trapped.

                  I was in a long distance relationship a long time ago and used to drive from PA to VA fairly regularly. And many times on the way home I’d run into a thunder shower that would just be coming down in blankets, making it almost impossible to see, even with windshield wipers on high. There were times I’d pull over to the shoulder it was so bad. Others would do it too and there’d be a line up of cars pulled over to the shoulder on the interstate because visibility was so horrible.

                  That was crazy too because it was the interstate and not everyone pulled over.

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