Some Experiential Techniques in Healing Trauma

Since I went off on so many tangents in my last post, after having the intention of just listing the examples of the techniques that Dr. Charles Whitfield gives in his book Healing the Child Within, I decided to list them again without all my extra and unnecessary commentary.

-Risking and sharing, especially feelings, with safe and supportive people.

-Storytelling (telling our own story, including risking and sharing.)

-Working through transference (what we project or “transfer” onto others and vice-versa for them.)

-Psychodrama, Reconstruction, Gestalt Therapy, Family Sculpture.

-Hypnosis and related techniques.

-Attending self-help meetings.

-Workingthe 12 Steps (of Al-Anon, ACA, AA, NA, OA, etc.)

-Group therapy (usually a safe and supportive place to practice many of these experiential techniques)

-Couples therapy or family therapy

-Guided Imagery



-Dream Analysis

-Art, Movement and Play therapy

-Active imagination and using intuition

-Meditation and Prayer

-Therapeutic bodywork

-Keeping a journal or diary