What a Relief

I was thinking I was both a codependent and a narcissist. Even though the experts say it’s not possible, I thought it really might be. But now I’m thinking it’s really not.

Here’s a video explaining well why you might seem like or look like a narcissist and not be.


5 thoughts on “What a Relief

  1. The fact you’re openly admitting you might be a narcissist is confirmation that you are not a narcissist because a narcissist will never admit they are troubled to the point of needing to change.

    After all, they’re “perfect.” Hardee Har har…

    However, you probably have narcissistic tendencies if you were raised by one because children model their behavior after their caregivers. I’m right there with you, and it disgusted me when I started seeing my parents in me.

    The good news is that you don’t have to continue those behaviors or empower those thoughts when you recognize them. In fact, you CAN recreate yourself in a better image so you don’t repeat what your abusers did/do.

    You can do this, and it’s also important to point out the fact you feel bad about treating Mr. B like garbage. If you were a monster both in and out, you wouldn’t care at all…

    You’re doing well, so keep up the good work and keep improving. Blessings!

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  2. Thanks BS…your comments always make my eyes well up. It’s true what the woman says in the video here.

    But I agree it can be changed and I’m more determined than ever to change it. I’m 50 so it’s not easy. But I’m so grateful of my awareness and the fact that I do feel shitty about treating someone like shit when I do. I’m grateful that I can see where I’m wrong and if I don’t I’m willing to listen to the criticism. (As long as it’s constructive.)

    The patterns and neuro-pathways are tough to change, particularly when living a toxic sitch that comes complete with triggers. But then that sitch gives the op for learning and growing plus the determination (hopefully) to better my self and life.

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  3. You’re welcome and you deserve to hear it! I’m not gonna lie, it can be difficult to alter life patterns. But the good news is that things get easier the further you go. I.e. you won’t always have to push boulders up mountains 🙂

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