Progress Report, Daily Details + Link and Video for Childhood Trauma

I did nothing toward the logistic progress of any book yesterday.

I have some things listed on eBay and something sold so I packaged that up.  That task seems to still take me longer than I’d like. But I was more efficient about it than I’d been in the past. Maybe breaking it up into chunks was helpful for me. PTSD can really do a number on focus and organizing.

I made sure to not get too anxious about doing it right away. Just because an order comes in doesn’t mean you can’t eat first if you’re hungry. So that’s what I did. In between I got some laundry going too, since I had to go to the basement to get the big box of bubble wrap anyway.

During the actual bubble wrapping and boxing the items, I listened to a video on Self healing trauma. I’ll link it below. The guy has a website too so I’ll link that as well.

My meals were on the healthy side: A smoothie for breakfast; a salad with chicken and the ranch dressing I made yesterday from cashews, for lunch; and poached eggs with cheese and rice for dinner.  The cheese isn’t the best choice but eggs with cheese is just so tasty.

I had also done some reading in the morning, so my breakfast didn’t happen until about noon. And I spent too much time on Facebook during the whole of yesterday.

I got out for that bike ride, just as I’d planned but don’t think it’s a good idea to include that in my exercise plan anymore for now.  I do need to get outside more though, so I’m thinking along the lines of walking on flatter ground for short distances. Soon it will be getting darker much earlier so I will need to get that in earlier, perhaps before eating dinner would be ideal.

I had some really bad and scary heart palpitations last night that started after dinner and got worse as the night went on. So by the time I went to bed, things inside my chest were quite uncomfortable and alarming.  This isn’t completely new and I’d experienced them before after some somewhat high intensity cardio. High intensity for me means pushing up a few hills on my bike.

Given past eating habits, fairly recent weight gain and my continual depression and grieving process, this isn’t so surprising. I said the palps aren’t new, but they are new in the bigger picture since I’ve only been experiencing heart palps for the last couple (if that) years.  They are mostly mild, when I have them but I’ve experienced more intense ones, one other time before last night.

At first I thought they were coming from having eaten the salad dressing which contains some olive oil and sesame oil. In the past with careful observation, I’ve noticed the palpitations have started immediately after consuming concentrated oils, such as the two mentioned. But then I realized, although the oil may have contributed, it was the bike ride that was the real culprit.

I took a few supplements that I’ve heard and read from some naturopath doctors that are good support for the heart. One I included was niacin and I believe that opened up my blood vessels enough to get the palpitations to stop and regulate my heart again.

I hadn’t taken niacin for quite some time and the last time I did, it hadn’t had such an intense effect. But last night it only took one capsule and within ten minutes (if that) my skin felt like it was kinda burning. Not generally a pleasant feeling. But feeling that, made it feel like it was working for me all over. The skin on my face particularly was pulsating, my sinuses were swelled up and I had to breathe from my mouth, but my heart had calmed down so I in turn did also.

Please note this DISCLAIMER: That I said I BELIEVE the niacin helped. I am not a doctor and I don’t KNOW for sure if this helped. Do not take this as medical advice. Do not take this as a claim for a cure. Whether it stopped my palps for the moment or not, it certainly did not cure the problem. Such an issue as heart palpitations calls for seeing a doctor.

Click here to check out the website I referred to above. The website is called Wild Truth written and run by Daniel Mackler.

The video I watched yesterday also with Daniel Mackler:


5 thoughts on “Progress Report, Daily Details + Link and Video for Childhood Trauma

  1. “PTSD can really do a number on focus and organizing.” Seriously!!

    About twenty-three years ago I started having heart palpitations, in the form of rolling PVCs. They got so bad, I nearly passed out a couple of times. Then I did pass out. I went to a doctor, who did an ekg treadmill test. He looked at the results and then said he was getting me in to see a cardiologist first thing Monday (this was a Friday). Meanwhile, he said, don’t walk fast, don’t lift anything heavy, avoid stairs, avoid stress.


    The cardiologist ordered some kind of nuclear imaging tests and a tilt table test. He then told me I had (long name I can’t pronounce or spell), and he put me on a beta blocker. Which plunged me into a horrific unbearable unrelenting deep dark depression. The depression lasted for years and antidepressants did not help it.

    Today I control my heart palpitations by staying completely off all caffeine. No coffee, no tea, no colas, no chocolate (boo boo). I also take grape seed extract and other antioxidant health supplements, and fish oil (tested mercury free). No more prescription medication of any kind, other than a low dose thyroid replacement.

    I am now 99% anxiety free and have had no heart palpitations in years.

    DISCLAIMER: I, too, am not a doctor and nobody should pay any attention to anything I say. 🙂

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    • Lol your disclaimer.
      I gave up caffeine too quite some time ago. Hasn’t been a year yet though. No chocolate either. That’s been the hardest. And soda has been out of my diet for years. I think I’ve had maybe three cokes in 5 years (?) But will be avoiding altogether now.

      The “rolling” you stated…that’s what they feel like when they’re bad. I’m going to stop cardio for a while, except for maybe some walking. Can’t avoid stairs, not in this house.

      Another thing I’m questioning heavily right now is the use of concentrated oils, including the so called healthy ones like olive oil. So I’m going to stay away from them too.

      This is part of a post, so I won’t go any further right now. I’ll look into grape seed extract. I want to read about it first and maybe I’ll try some in bulk. I have a lot of supps though already that I think will be helpful and I don’t really want to spend money right now. Still gonna research that supplement though.

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